Deadpool & Wolverine reshoots are happening — but there’s an exciting reason

Gabriela Silva
Wade Wilson and Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine movie.

While Deadpool & Wolverine is set for release this summer, reshoots are currently underway — but it’s okay, there’s reportedly a good reason behind it.

Have no fear, the Deadpool & Wolverine reshoots are nothing to worry about. According to DanielRPK, they’re mainly adding cameos to the film. Marvel is also reportedly happy with the movie overall, so no big changes should be made before it hits cinemas.

The movie has already revealed that fans will get to see their fair share of cameos and Easter eggs, especially with Wade Wilson meeting the TVA. He’s plucked from his serene life and plopped into the MCU timeline where he meets Wolverine (not the Logan version), and other characters.

Professor X’s sister Cassandra Nova will also make an appearance, as well as characters from previous X-Men movies like Callisto (X-Men: The Last Stand), Toad (Days of Future Past), Lady Deathstrike (X2), Azazel (X-Men: First Class), Colossus (X-Men), and Pyro (X2). Original X-Men star Famke Janssen, who played Jean Grey, hasn’t ruled out the possibility of appearing as well.

Blake Lively is rumored to make a cameo appearance as Lady Deadpool. A recent Easter egg using a fight sequence from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie may also indicate we’ll see one of the Spider-Man actors too. After all, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland all appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home — rendering their entire stories canon to the MCU.

This comes after a rumor emerged that Wesley Snipes may appear as Blade, which would come after the star’s notorious friction with Ryan Reynolds on the set of Blade: Trinity. A fan commented, “So the Wesley Snipes thing might be true. Makes sense — I don’t think they would’ve changed anything major when it’s this close to release, so shooting for a couple more cameos shawarma-style adds up.”

Another fan wondered if the cameos would change the pace of the movie’s storyline. “Likely, the characters were already in the script, but they wanted to wait until closer to the film’s release so it would be less likely to get leaked,” answered one fan.

With so many Easter Eggs and cameos already picked up from the trailer, who else could make an appearance? Maybe a famed vampire hunter?

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to release on July 26, 2024, and you can catch up on exactly how much of the MCU you need to watch beforehand.