Creed anime is coming to cinemas next week – but there’s a catch

Daisy Phillipson
Still from Creed anime special

Following the release of Creed 3, an anime of the Rocky spin-off is coming to cinemas next week – but there’s a catch.

Creed III earned global acclaim from critics and audiences alike when it dropped in theaters back in March, breaking a record as the biggest sports movie opening in cinematic history. 

As well as reprising his role as Adonis “Donnie” Creed, Michael B. Jordan took the reins of the ninth film in the Rocky franchise, with Creed III marking his directorial debut – and what a success it’s turned out to be. 

Considering Jordan is a massive anime fan – he even said the genre had a “huge” influence on the threequel – it’ll come as no surprise that there’s now a crossover of these two worlds.

Creed anime is coming to cinemas next week in just one territory 

Michael B. Jordan took to Instagram to announce the exciting news that a specially-made Creed anime is hitting cinemas next week, but it will only be airing in Japan. 

Sharing an image of Donnie in animated format, he wrote: “Hi Japan! We made a special anime as a surprise for Japanese fans that will play at the end of the film. Creed 3 opens in theaters in Japan next weekend – get your tickets now to see what it’s all about!”

Still from Creed anime special

So if you’re not living in or visiting Japan next week, you’re going to have to sit tight – hopefully there’ll be news of a global release date in the near future. 

Jordan’s post has received plenty of love from the fans, with one writing: “I’m so happy to hear that, I’m Japanese. Can’t wait.” “Seeing you make the journey in Japan that you wanted makes me so satisfied,” said another, while a third added: “I can’t wait for the release.”

Others expressed their hopes for an international drop, including this commenter who said: “Bro I love anime we need this in the US too please.” Another said: “We want that sneaky release too.”

Creed 3 is available to purchase on Amazon Prime Video, which you can sign up for here

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