Best Star Wars gifts (2023): Funko pops, Baby Yoda plush, Lightsaber & more

Star wars giftsAmazon / Lucasfilm Ltd.

A unique Star Wars gift is a great choice for any fan, and thanks to the popularity of the franchise there are tons of cool Star Wars gifts for you to choose from. So, here are the best Star Wars toys of 2023.

It’s no secret that Star Wars is an extremely popular franchise, and this popularity means there are tons of gifts and collectibles to buy your favorite fan. There is, however, a downside to this popularity as it means there are also tons of different toys, collectibles, and more to search through when trying to find the best on the market.

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So, with that in mind, we’ve put together some of the best Star Wars gifts of 2023, to help your search feel much easier.

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Where to buy Star Wars gifts

Cool Star Wars gifts can be found all over the internet, but one of the best places to buy Star Wars toys is arguably Amazon, where you’ll find everything you need for the perfect present.

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Below, you’ll find some of our favorite picks that can be found on the retailer to make picking a cool Star Wars gift that much easier.

Best Star Wars gifts for 2023

Buying gifts can be a real challenge, especially when someone is a fan of a franchise as large as Star Wars. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best you can buy to ease up some of that lengthy searching and shopping.

3D Star Wars Night Light

3d star wars night light black friday giftAMAZON / LUCASFILM LTD.
This Night Light will brighten up any Star Wars fan’s room.

Light up the night with this interchangeable Night Light filled with recognizable designs and 16 different colors. This is a fantastic toy for kids, or for adults looking to bring a new Star Wars glow to their room.

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The Mandalorian Phase-Pulse Blaster Nerf Gun

The Mandalorian nerf gun black fridayAMAZON / LUCASFILM LTD.
Become the legendary bounty hunter with the Phase-Pulse Blaster Nerf Gun.

The Mandalorian is arguably one of the most popular series to come out of the Star Wars franchise, so it makes sense that many Star Wars fans will want to get some awesome gifts linked to the TV show.

One such toy is the Phase-Pulse Blaster Nerf Gun. It’s a less deadly take on the recognizable Mandalorian sniper and will allow any Star Wars fan, kid or adult, to enjoy the thrilling battles they see on screen in the comfort of their own home.

Star Wars drinking glasses

Star wars glasses black friday giftAmazon / Lucasfilm LTD.
Use these Star Wars glasses to have your drinks in style.

While perhaps a gift more suited to adults, these Star Wars drinking glasses are a perfect gift to buy any Star Wars fan, even if it’s not the holidays. This is primarily due to how beautiful they are and how great they’ll look with our next Star Wars gift selection.

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Death Star Ice Cube Mold

Death Star Ice Mold Black friday giftAmazon / Lucasfilm LTD.
Have a cold drink in style with these Death Star Ice Cubes.

To pair perfectly with the Star Wars drinking glasses on Amazon, this Death Star Ice Cube Mold will bring your drinks to the next level, and a little more to the Dark Side. They’re easy to use and are perfect for some well-needed cold drinks.

Lego Darth Vader Helmet

Darth Vader lego helmetLucasfilm Ltd. / Lego
Build your way to the Dark Side with the Darth Vader Lego set.

While there are a plethora of Lego Star Wars sets, this is easily one of the most popular, and arguably one of the most unique Star Wars gifts.

It’s an interactive gift that allows Star Wars fans to build Darth Vader’s helmet from the ground up and display it for all to see.

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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Star Wars The Skywalker Saga video gameWarner Bros. / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Embrace your love of Star Wars and Lego with The Skywalker Saga.

For all the Star Wars video game fans, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a perfect gift for anyone wanting to revisit the story.

It’s a game that we labeled “a graphically beautiful, sprawling sandbox game that blends humor together with more serious moments of the saga’s lore, all while providing a dizzying amount of content to chew through.” in our Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga review.

Ultimately, this game is a must-play for any Star Wars fan and would make a cool Star Wars gift for any gamer.


Star wars Lightsaber giftAmazon / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Become a Jedi with your very own Lightsaber.

Every huge Star Wars fan needs to own a Lightsaber. It’s a vital part of joining the Dark Side or staying on the path of the Jedi.

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However, there are tons of different Lightsabers on the market, some ranging from over $500 to under $20. This Lightsaber is one of the best affordable and unique Star Wars gifts out there making it ideal for any budding Jedi in need of a Lightsaber to complete their training.

Star Wars Outer Rim Board Game

Star wars board game giftAmazon / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Bring your passions to the table with the Outer Rim Star Wars board game.

For Star Wars fans looking for something slightly different, an interactive board game can be the perfect way to delve into the Star Wars universe without going back into the films.

The Outer Rim board game is a tricky strategy experience perfect for older kids and adults. You can play with the family, or enjoy it on your own, making it a great gift for anyone wanting to explore more of the Star Wars franchise.

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Master Yoda Force Metal Bookend

Star Wars yoda holding books upAmazon / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Use the Force to hold up your favorite Star Wars books.

Every Star Wars fan needs a cool way to display their Star Wars lore books. This Master Yoda Force Metal Bookend is the perfect gift for book lovers and Star Wars fans, it also looks awesome when fully set up.

On display, your books will look as if Master Yoda is using The Force to make sure your books never fall over, making it a useful gift for storage with a great nod to the famous franchise.

Star Wars Mandalorian Funko Pop

Star Wars Funko Pop MandalorianAmazon / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Display your favorite characters through Funko Pops.

A lot of Star Wars fans are collectors. They love to display their passions and collect the characters in the form of plush toys or through Funko Pops.

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Funko Pops are a great present for any Star Wars fan, as they can be displayed easily and look great on anyone’s shelf — especially when it’s the Mandalorian flying with everyone’s favorite Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda Plush

Baby Yoda plush Star Wars giftAmazon / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Get your own Baby Yoda with this adorable plush.

There are plenty of adorable Star Wars characters to get a plush of, but Baby Yoda, or Grogu as he’s usually named, is undeniably the cutest.

Baby Yoda is a fantastically popular character in The Mandalorian and quickly became a fan favorite among many Star Wars fans. That’s what makes this plush such a cool Star Wars gift for 2023. It’s cute, customizable, and extremely soft.

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The Black Series Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet

Star wars Luke Skywalker helmetAmazon / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Be the Star Wars fighter you dreamed of with Luke Skywalker’s helmet.

This Battle Simulation Helmet is one of the more premium 2023 Star Wars toys out there and is probably one of the best Star Wars gifts for adults when considering the price and the nature of the helmet.

Essentially, this Luke Skywalker helmet transports you into the famous space battles many know and love. It uses lights, sounds, and a beautiful design to make this unique Star Wars gift extremely immersive.

Baby Yoda Floating Chia Pet

Star wars gift Chia Pet Baby YodaAmazon / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Grow Baby Yoda a comfy bed with this Chia Pet.

Embrace your green fingers and your love for Baby Yoda by creating a Grogu Chia Pet out of his floating bed from The Mandalorian.

This adorable floating Chia Pet is one of the best hands-on Star Wars toys for 2023 and is perfect for a child or an adult who loves keeping plants alive and watching them grow.

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Star Wars Playing Cards

Star wars Playing cardsAmazon / Lucasfilm Ltd.
Play various card games while still paying homage to your favorite franchise.

If you’re a fan of sitting down with a group of friends to play a game of cards, then these Star Wars playing cards are a perfect choice for game night. They’re subtle yet sophisticated and come with great unique Star Wars designs on the picture cards. What’s more, they’re even rather affordable.

Millennium Falcon Phone Charger

Star Wars Phone ChargerAmazon
Charge your phone in style with this awesome Star Wars gift.

Sure, charging your phone using a normal charger is fine, but it’s certainly not as cool as using the Millennium Falcon to get your battery up to full.

This cool Star Wars toy will keep your phone battery topped up in style. It looks awesome on any desk or table and will perfectly merge in with someone’s Star Wars collection, while still having a fantastic use.

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Star Wars Deluxe Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Star Wars Deluxe Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker closedAmazon / Lucasfilm LTD.
Create amazing Waffles in style with this Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker.

Breakfast or a quick snack has never looked so good when it’s made in this Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker.

It’s easy to use, and perfect for any budding cook who also happens to adore all things Star Wars. That, or it’s an ideal gift to buy yourself if you want to surprise your loved one with a fantastic celebratory breakfast.

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Those are all the best unique Star Wars gifts of 2023. If those toys aren’t what you’re looking for then take a look at some of our other gift guides to find the perfect present:

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