Samsung reveals rolling AI home assistant with a built-in projector at CES 2024

Jitendra Soni
Ballie Samsung CES 2024

Remember Ballie, the adorable rolling robot Samsung unveiled at CES 2020? Well, it’s back and better than ever, with a new look and a killer feature.

CES has always been home to innovative and fresh tech. Though some products announced here never see the light of the day, some are bold enough to make a comeback.

Such is the case with Ballie. First announced in 2020, the spherical robot is as big as a bowling ball, and comes with a huge battery, and even has a projector inside of it. The device can easily last several hours, too.

This home companion robot is designed for people who need extra help around the house, and unlike a regular robot vacuum cleaner, this one has brains.

Ballie has a spatial Lidar sensor that helps find its way, similar to how a robot vacuum cleaner works. Besides this, it also has a 1080p projector that can be used to project content, make video calls, and even project your computer screen.

It can also control other smart devices, and has a built-in IR controller to control non-smart devices like TVs.

Moreover, Ballie can even detect people’s posture and facial angle to adjust the optimal projection angle. Samsung says that Ballie can be used “to project images and stream content on walls, and it can automatically adjust the picture based on the wall distance and lighting conditions.”

Samsung Ballie: Pricing and availability

Ballie CES 2024

Samsung says that Ballie will be made available for consumers later this year.  Kang-il Chung, Samsung vice president and head of the company’s Future Planning group, says, “With the way things are progressing, I don’t see any big issue with reaching our goal of releasing it within this year.”

That said, Samsung has yet to finalize the retail price of Ballie, and we anticipate that once everything else falls in place, the Ballie will be up for grabs. But, considering the amount of tech packed in here, it’ll cost you a pretty penny.

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