New case adds a Blackberry-like keyboard to your iPhone

Jitendra Soni
Clicks for iPhone

The “Clicks for iPhone” keyboard case will debut at CES and help add a physical keyboard to the touchscreen phone if you miss it.

Though an entire generation of smartphone users have not used a phone with an actual keypad, many still prefer the tactile feedback of a keypad. With Blackberry now lost to the annals of time, a new company has entered the fray.

This is where the Clicks keyboard case comes in. This snap-on case protects the iPhone and has a full QWERTY keyboard that attaches to the iPhone at the bottom. The most significant benefit of this form factor is that it allows you to type while working and offers 100% screen real estate.

Not only will the case help you type faster, but it also has a command button that supports iOS shortcuts.

The company, Clicks Technology, says this case works on such cases for various smartphones and will not be limited to iPhones. The Clicks case is currently available for the iPhone 14 with a lightning port and the iPhone 15 lineup with a USB-C connectivity port.

The case has been co-created by UK-based Clicks Technology, Tech Youtuber Michael Fisher, Mr. Mobile, and Kevin Michaluk (CrackBerry Kevin).

Adding this case makes the iPhone unwieldy, long, and challenging to pop into your pocket. But, it looks like it can come in handy once you put the awkwardness aside. The keys, in this case, are backlit for typing in dimly lit rooms, or at night.

Since the Clicks for iPhone keyboard case doesn’t have a battery and uses your iPhone’s battery to power, it doesn’t add extra bulk to the device.

Clicks for iPhone keyboard case price and availability

Clicks for iPhone colors

The Clicks for iPhone case will be formally announced at the CES. It is priced at $139 and is available to order now, with shipping expected to start from February 1.

The keyboard is available in BumbleBee (Black and Yellow) and London Sky (gray) colorways, with more colors set to become available in the future.

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