MSI reveals beastly Monster Hunter collab with ferocious GPUs, laptops & more

Sayem Ahmed
MSI Monster Hunter parts on key art background

MSI has revealed a collaboration with Monter Hunter, featuring all manner of PC parts and peripherals to be showcased at CES 2024.

Monster Hunter World is enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment, with a huge number of players returning to the Capcom bestseller. But, that’s not all. With Monster Hunter Wilds on the way in 2025, Capcom and MSI have teamed up on a 20th-anniversary collaboration that showcases all manner of PC hardware and products, furnished in Monster Hunter branding.

MSI is releasing an RTX 4060 Ti, which is packed with Monster Hunter branding, with the signature red and crimson colorway for the king of the skies himself, Monster Hunter’s most iconic beast: the Rathalos. While we were lukewarm on the GPU in our review, this could be a good option for those looking to build a 1080p-focused Monster Hunter-themed system.

MSI Monster Hunter monitor, controller and AIO

It could be especially exciting, alongside the MSI MPG Gungnir 300 Monster Hunter edition case, which comes in the same colorway, but with the Rathalos itself plastered across the chassis, which would be a must-have for any superfan. Paired with a controller of the same ilk, as well as an AIO and gaming monitor to go alongside it, it could make for an incredibly impressive PC build indeed.

There’s also a motherboard, the MSI Z790 EDGE Monster Hunter Edition, which is adorned with Monster Hunter branding, and it looks great. Let’s just hope there aren’t any typos on there like Asus suffered with its Evangelion collaboration products late last year.

No prices or release dates yet

If you’re itching to get your hands on these killer Monster Hunter-themed goodies, you might have to wait for MSI to announce the pricing and availability details for the parts themselves. Stay tuned for more news coming in hot from CES 2024.

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