AI-powered “Moonwalker X” shoes are back & better than ever before

Jitendra Soni
Moonwalker X

The second iteration of viral Moonwalkers AI-powered shoes will debut at CES. They’re not just fast, they look cool, too.

Remember those viral motorized AI shoes that took the world by storm? They claimed that they can help you “walk” up to seven miles per hour and have an average range of 6.5 miles on a single charge. Now, they’re back, and better than ever before.

The company behind these shoes, Shift Robotics, plans to introduce the new and improved Moonwalker X at CES next week.

The company says that the new robotic shoes are not only a pound lighter and slightly smaller but also come with upgrades offering better control. With all these updates, the Moonwalker X would let you glide through the streets with even less effort.

In a prepared statement, the company said that the new Moonwalkers X now come with “six wheels instead of 10, provide an order of magnitude of greater control and responsiveness, have a tighter turning radius, utilize softer wheels for a lower impact force.”

These new shoes also feature improved shock absorption. The fact that they can now fit smaller shoes is a welcome change for many who are okay with shelling out slightly less than a fortune for these premium walking accessories.

These shoes are ideal for workers who are expected to walk a lot during their daily work routine, the founder and CEO Xunjie Zhang says, “Imagine the ease of workers’ boots but with the power of Moonwalkers. Our revamped drivetrain, the magnesium alloy-based frame, and the new shock-absorbing wheels all come together to offer the smoothest, most efficient warehouse navigation ever.”

Pricing and availability are yet to be revealed

While the company expects Moonwalkers X to help save hundreds of hours in travel time, making people more efficient, there is no price tag attached to these shoes quite yet.

However, to put things in perspective, the original Moonwalkers were priced at $1,399 and were sold via a Kickstarter campaign that helped the company raise over $300,000 in no time. With all the improvements, the Moonwalkers X could only be priced higher, making them out of bounds for a regular user.

Like everyone else, we’ll have to wait until next week’s CES announcement to understand the availability and pricing.  

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