Retro LG DukeBox speaker looks great & even has an OLED screen

Jitendra Soni
LG DukeBox

The LG DukeBox is an unusual speaker that combines vacuum tubes and a transparent OLED screen.

CES is home to the latest innovative products that promise to shape the future of the tech industry. So, while you might be looking forward to the latest TVs and other important announcements, some weirder and wonderful products are also on show that just force you to stop and stare.

LG’s DukeBox is one such product that falls in this category. It’s a weird mix of an old vacuum tube audio technology married to an ultra-modern transparent OLED screen.

While vacuum tubes have been around for years, LG has used them to power this new 360-degree speaker. A transparent OLED panel will show off the tube amplifier and can also be used to watch movies or your favorite web shows. Thanks to this OLED panel, the DukeBox can create a “fireplace” ambiance while giving a sneak peek of the retro audio tech packed inside.

LG DukeBox

The DukeBox has front-facing bottom speakers and 360-degree speakers on top alongside the Vacuum tube that can produce a warm sound quality that highlights each instrument.

In a nutshell, the DukeBox falls more in the category of an Amazon Echo Show 10-like smart display-speaker hybrid, rather than just being a premium smart speaker.

This, along with the LG CineBeam Qube, has already set the tone for CES 2024. Their intriguing designs might attract people who like to make a style statement, rather than those looking for a higher value for the money they spend.

No word on pricing and availability

If you are indeed someone who wants only the best aesthetics and can’t wait to lay their hands on this new quirky gadget, you might not have to wait for long.

LG is expected to announce the DukeBox at CES officially and might announce its price and availability during the upcoming tech show.