Google testing OpenAI ChatGPT competitor Apprentice Bard

google ai vs open ai

In an attempt to catch up to OpenAI and ChatGPT, Google is now getting employees to test out its AI venture.

Despite being one of the biggest in the industry, Google wasn’t first off the mark with launching an AI language model that the public could use.

Since its launch, it has been reported that Google has been working on a competitor to OpenAI within their team “Atlas”. This includes integrating AI with various products that they offer, including Google Search.

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The overall AI project is called LaMDA, while the chatbot being developed will be named Apprentice Bard.

It is assumed that LaMDA will be packaged up into the upcoming chatbot Apprentice Bard. This is the direct response to ChatGPT, offering similar functionality to that of OpenAI’s current top product.

The main surface-level differences right now are the recentness of Bard’s answers. ChatGPT has limited world knowledge for events post-2021, while Google’s Bard will be able to use current events to influence its answers.

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OpenAI vs Google

Within these experiments, LaMDA was pitted against ChatGPT in seeing which AI would score better on getting hired for coding at Google. ChatGPT was able to get a level three engineering position, while CNBC wasn’t given the results of Google’s own AI.

ChatGPT also recently passed the US bar exam to become a lawyer.

Meanwhile, LaMDA was able to solve a riddle that ChatGPT wasn’t. The riddle is as follows:

“Three women are in a room. Two of them are mothers and have just given birth. Now, the children’s fathers come in. What is the total number of people in the room?”

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LaMDA was able to deduce seven, while ChatGPT incorrectly answered five.

On the Google Search front, those who have seen the tests noticed that the I’m Feeling Lucky section has been removed. In its stead, the search bar will now provide you with AI responses, options to follow up, and the requested search results.

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