AMD RX 7700 & 7800 GPU benchmarks leak ahead of announcement

Joel Loynds
Radeon RDNA 3 RX 7900 XTX

AMD’s next graphics cards, the RX 7700 and 7800 appear to be much closer to release than initially expected. The two GPUs are expected to be announced at Gamescom.

A new batch of benchmarks for AMD’s upcoming RX 7700 and 7800 graphics cards has leaked out. Twitter user All The Watts has posted two screenshots of the benchmarking tool 3DMark with scores for both AMD GPUs.

The RX 7700 has hit a score of 15,465, which is around 500 points lower than the last generation RX 6800. However, the RX 7700 is a few hundred points higher than the Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti, which sits at 15,159.

All The Watts also posted a screenshot of the RX 7800, which comes in at 18,197, significantly higher than its last generation counterpart the RX 6800. However, it puts it significantly lower than the RTX 4080 (28,127) and closer to the RTX 4070.

New leaks reveal benchmarks for new AMD GPUs

RX 7900 XT vertical mouted

Both GPUs are built upon the RDNA 3 architecture, and use variations of the Navi 32 chip. It’s expected that the RX 7700 will be a cutdown version, but AMD is not skimping out on the VRAM available.

Nvidia’s RTX 4060 Ti and 4060 graphics cards were criticized for having a lack of GDDR6 VRAM, leaving them feeling constrained by the 8GB onboard. However, AMD appears to be packing both the RX 7700 and 7800 with a minimum of 12GB, with the RX 7700 expected to launch with 12GB, while the 7800 will have 16GB of memory.

Bundled in all the leaks, Moore’s Law Is Dead, a technology podcast has reported that AMD might be prepping both GPUs for a Gamescom announcement. Gamescom happens between August 23 to 27, with MLID also reporting that the cards could release soon after in September.