The RTX 4060 Ti might address the biggest flaw with Nvidia GPUs

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RTX 3060 Ti

The RTX 4060 Ti is seemingly nearing its official announcement, and a new leak suggests that we could see a 16GB VRAM variant of the GPU.

Nvidia is currently gearing up for the launch of the RTX 4060 Ti, one of its lower-end graphics cards. It’s expected to be announced during the keynote at Computex, as Jensen Huang, the CEO, will be hosting it.

Though, when Nvidia starts preparing for a release, the leaks also join them. MEGAsizeGPU, a Twitter user known with a great insider track record, has come forth with a list of products Nvidia plans to launch.

In the tweet, MEGAsizeGPU simply states that the 4060 Ti will be released in two forms, both 8GB and 16GB.

Leaker reveals RTX 4060 Ti variants

It’s now expected that the 8GB model will launch towards the end of May, while the 16GB is set for July. These will be followed up by the regular 4060 8GB in July.

Reactions to a leak that the 4060 Ti will launch with just 8GB of VRAM appear to have been the influence for a more capable device. AMD themselves have called out Nvidia for their GPUs with small VRAM capacities. With only 8GB of RAM, it would have put the 4060 Ti at a disadvantage for more complex technologies being implemented in modern games like Hogwarts Legacy.

In 2023, 8GB of VRAM would potentially require games to be run at lesser settings than originally intended. This, however, doesn’t solve the complete problem of the 128-bit memory bus. The 4060 Ti might still run into issues down the road, as the bandwidth for information coming in is limited.

It does seem that with the improvements that DLSS 3 has brought to supersampling, Nvidia could intend for players to utilize it a little more often. The major push for the software at all of Team Green’s presentations and keynotes is indicative of this.

The 4060 Ti is hotly anticipated, despite its seemingly limited specifications. For the last few years, Steam’s surveys have shown that the XX60 series cards dominate every month, and the rumored price of it being sub-$500 could usher in a new dominant GPU for PC gamers.

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