Twitch streamers brawl at Gamescom over gambling streams

Calum Patterson
Twitch streamers fighting at Gamescom

Three partnered Twitch streamers, Tanzverbot, Orangemorgange, and Scurrows, were involved in a physical scuffle while attending Gamescom, reportedly over gambling content on the streaming platform.

The streamers had been feuding in the weeks building up to the event, with Tanzverbot criticizing both Scurrows and Orangemorange for their gambling streams on the platform.

He has accused these streamers of influencing their young audience into the pitfalls of gambling, for the sake of their own monetary gain through sponsorships.

The feud came to physical blows at Gamescom however, with Orangemorange stating after the fight that Tanzverbot “became visibly aggressive and physically came at me. As a result, I fought back by throwing a plastic cup in his direction and pushing towards him. I hit back, but without hitting. In retrospect, of course, this annoys me, but at the end of the day, it was my right to defend myself.”

A fourth streamer, quiteLola, attempted to intervene and was caught up in the scuffle, and at one point falling to the ground. She later confirmed on Twitter that she was “fine” and thanked people for their messages.

Tanzverbot called Scurrows a “loser”, and said he hid behind his “MMA fighter friends.”

In response, Scurrows tweeted sarcastically, “We are casino streamers. Of course we’re guilty, huh? It is obvious! As if Tanzverbot did nothing! Of course, I, with 60kg, had the intention to start a fight. And Tanzban wanted to de-escalate, but we overdid it.”

At the time of writing, there has been no response from Twitch itself, with all of the partnered streamers’ accounts intact.

Some fans have speculated that bans will be handed out to those involved, although there is little precedent on Twitch of instances of physical confrontation between partners.

The feud is still ongoing, with Scurrows promising a further response on his YouTube channel in the coming days.

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