AMD RDNA 3 7000 GPUs: Launch date, rumors & more

RDNA 3 AnnouncementAMD

AMD, not to feel too left out in the midst of the announcement season, announced that they’ll be showing off the latest RDNA 3 GPUs later this year.

While Nvidia and Intel currently dominate the talk about graphics cards, there’s still AMD’s offering in their Radeon lineup. The next iterations of their GPUs bring the RDNA 3 architecture, something that has been hotly anticipated by enthusiasts.

AMD to launch RDNA 3 GPUs on November 3

Team Red has come out swinging on the day of Nvidia’s big GTC event, announcing that they’ll be launching and sharing information about their upcoming GPUs this November.

The announcement comes from Scott Herkelman, SVP & GM for AMD’s Radeon team over Twitter. AMD has remained incredibly quiet about their upcoming graphics cards, only teasing small tidbits over the last year or so about what they plan to bring.

However, as with any upcoming component for a PC, there are leaks just about everywhere. RDNA 3 is no different.

As of right now, it seems that only Navi 31, which includes the 7900 XT, 7800, and its XT counterpart will be launching in 2022. In 2023, the lower-end cards on the Navi 32 and 33 processors will launch.

RDNA 3 rumored specs

A roadmap explaining AMD's upcoming GPU roadmap, with RDNA3 in 2022 and RDNA4 in 2023.AMD
AMD is already planning even further ahead in the future.

Coming from various sources across the internet, AMD has managed to do a much better job at keeping its upcoming RX 7000 specs under wraps.

In terms of specs, the only things we have currently are the following:

RX 7000 unitProcessorCoresMemoryMemory Bus (Bits)Potential launch date
RX 7900 XTNavi 311228824GB384November
RX 7800 XTNavi 311024020GB320November
RX 7800Navi 31921620GB320November
RX 7700 XTNavi 32768016GB2562023
RX 7700Navi 32665612GB1922023
RX 7600 XTNavi 3340968GB1282023
RX 7600Navi 3335848GB1282023

What is AMD RDNA?

RDNA, or Radeon DNA, is AMD’s current architecture for running its graphics. Introduced with the RX5000 series, it was eventually succeeded by RDNA 2, which currently powers the Xbox Series X and S, PS5, and Steam Deck. It’s also found in AMD’s current lineup of GPUs.

RDNA 3, however, aims to bring 50% better performance than its predecessor. This performance gain will be achieved through AMD’s use of the 5nm process. By shrinking down the various parts on the GPU’s innards to 5nm from 7nm, they can fit a lot more onto the die, producing a better-performing card.

Nvidia’s 40-series is also based on the 5nm process, by the same fabricating facility, TSMC.

RDNA 3 predicted price

An AMD graphics cardAMD

With a lot of different GPUs currently on the market, AMD will probably price the RDNA 3 GPUs to compete with their Nvidia counterparts. As of right now, the 4090 has been rumored to be priced at over $2000, however, we can’t see the RX 7900 XT reach that sort of price. Expect to see around $1500 for their super high-end and then a considerable drop to $400 or below for the Navi 33 versions.

As with any GPU in 2022, putting a pin on what the price will be is a tough situation. With cryptocurrency effectively tumbling, and certain lines of it have abandoned mining via graphics cards, both AMD and Nvidia face a tough few months ahead.

A flood of second-hand or unsold GPUs is now entering the second-hand market. While Nvidia might potentially launch new lines of their 30-series cards to go alongside the slim launch lineup of the 40-series, we’re currently unsure if AMD will follow suit.