Amazon Prime Early Access sale: What to expect

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Ready for Amazon Prime Day once again? Well, get prepped, as the retailer is bringing it back for an encore this October. Here’s what to expect from Amazon Early Access.

Amazon has announced a second, more curated version of Amazon Prime Day, which will run from October 11 – 12. The website is already up and Amazon is dubbing this an “Early Access Sale”.

The intention is to introduce a variety of sales to give participating Prime members an early chance to grab holiday gifts from around the site.

In the press release, Amazon stated that this was a more curated list of items, with brands participating including LEGO, Adidas, Samsung, Hasbro, and iRobot. Notably, Amazon recently penned a deal with iRobot to acquire them for $1.7 billion.

Amazon did something similar to this in 2020, but instead of running Prime Day and then a subsequent event, they ran Prime Day close to Black Friday. In our eyes, we would recommend investing your shopping time into Black Friday sales over this Prime sale, but we’ll still bring you the top tech, gaming, and entertainment deals during the two days it runs for.

Included with this sale, Amazon is giving away Grubhub+ for a year and Amazon Music will be getting a subscription for $0.99 until October 12 from September 26.

What we expect from the Prime Early Access sale

Aside from the usual fare of a mass of products from various third-party sellers, we fully expect Amazon to begin shifting their hardware more and more throughout these sales. Fire TVs, Sticks, and tablets will all see massive price drops – as we saw on Prime Day.

Meanwhile, we’ll be keeping an eye out for the various game sales that are bound to crop up, as Ubisoft and EA have made featured spots throughout the year during sale periods. If you’re after a cheaper copy of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition or the latest Madden game, this might be your chance.

As for hardware, we’re not sure we’ll see many of the newer parts go on sale, as RTX 4090, 4080, and Ryzen 7000 chips are expected to launch around this time. We do expect to see things like RTX 30-series and last-generation chips go on sale, but for how much, we’re not sure as of yet. Despite massive price cuts across the board from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel, don’t expect too much cut-off for this particular sale.

TV wise, as Samsung are participating, expect all the major brands to cut the prices of their current range of 4K TVs to match the advertised Samsung.

See what to expect from Amazon on Black Friday, as well as what to look out for when Best Buy, Target and Walmart join the fray. We’re also covering Black Friday in general, including video games and laptops.

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