Best Target Black Friday deals 2022: What to expect

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Target, much like Best Buy and Walmart, is one of the top places to keep your eyes on for deals this Black Friday. Here are our predictions for what to expect.

You might see a lot of attention going towards Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart, but don’t forget about Target. The store might be mostly focused on homeware, but do you know what’s included in the home? TVs and electronics, which is precisely why we’re excited to see what they bring.

Rather than heading into the store and potentially getting crushed by a giant cart, stay home and keep an eye on this page for the top deals.

Expected Target game console deals: Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox

xbox ps5 price hikeMicrosoft

Much like the other two major stores, we don’t really expect to see the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X or S come down dramatically in price. The PS5 has started to stay in stock, and Xbox seems to be in healthy supply.

However, as we’ve mentioned elsewhere, there’s a good chance of bundles and small discounts being applied. There might even be a few deals in relation to Xbox All Access, Microsoft’s subscription service to net you a console for a monthly fee.

What we do expect to see is the Nintendo Switch get a decent discount, as it is now five years old. With three versions, and Target presumably making room for more OLED versions in 2023, there’s a good chance you’ll snag yourself a decent deal.

Games deals

In terms of game choices, we certainly expect Target to follow suit with its competitors. Even looking right now, it appears that Target is pricing their games competitively to ensure that they remain on top of it all. The latest deals include Mario Kart 8 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On Xbox and PlayStation, things like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla are currently just $20.

This gives us a great indication of how Target is willing to price their deals come Black Friday, with steep discounts just about everywhere in terms of video games.

Target Black Friday prebuilt PC and laptop deals: Our expectations

As with Best Buy, Target also does a range of prebuilt PCs intended for the gaming crowd. However, we’ll be sure to serve you only the best deals, as there’s currently an i7-9700K PC for more money than some laptops with modern specs.

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While we’re not too hopeful to see these types of things discounted properly, the laptop range might be more of a success. Target isn’t really intended for gaming PCs, but at least the option is there if they do happen to go on sale.

Gaming peripherals and accessories deals: What to look out for


Yes, you can expect to see gaming peripherals and accessories get a few discounts here and there. While not as expansive as Amazon, or even as good as some niche stores, Target should have a decent amount of peripherals on sale for you to pick from.

We’ll be sure to leave the terrible options at the door, as we plan to with Walmart, but we also don’t expect Target to stock anything remotely close in quality to what we’ve seen recently.

Target Black Friday possible TV deals

TV for Black Friday

Target is currently running 30% off deals on TVs, with our estimations reaching up to 50% off this Black Friday for anything TV-related. Target’s massive range of TVs is consistently on sale, so we’ll be sure to keep tabs on what’s being discounted even further than what was already available in the year.

We’re hoping to see a lot more QLED and OLED TVs reach prices that are more affordable, as they just offer another level of quality when seen at 4K. This is also the year where 4K TVs have started to hit the 300-dollar mark, so if you’re in the market for a budget option, there’s absolutely going to be something for you.

Target also has a good selection of accessories for the TV, including streaming sticks and sound bars. Things like the Roku stick and even universal TV remotes will undoubtedly go on sale later this year.

We’re covering Black Friday all over the place this year. Check our predictions for Best Buy, Walmart, and more.

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