Walmart Black Friday Deals 2022: TVs, games, PCs & more

Black Friday Walmart

Black Friday at Walmart is another level, more than a Best Buy. Here’s the best in entertainment, games, and tech deals direct from Walmart.

Walmart is where those viral videos stem from, with the pushing and shoving. Well, don’t fear, we’re not going to send you into the midst of that hellscape. Instead, sit back, relax and let us take you through the best online deals coming from Walmart this Black Friday.

While no deals are live just yet – we’re still in August, remember – you’ll want to keep tabs on this page and our other brand-specific pages going forward. These include Best Buy and Amazon.

Expected Walmart Black Friday game console deals 2022

As with every other store this coming holiday season, the only consoles we expect to see significant drops in any capacity will be the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S. However, we do expect to see the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X get great deals on potential bundles going forward.

PlayStation Direct and Best Buy have both been providing hearty bundles – additional controllers, etc. – in the name of providing a good deal, so we expect this to follow suit over at Walmart.

Possible Walmart Black Friday Xbox Series X and S deals

The Xbox Series S is already seeing some discounts halfway through the year, which is great news for anyone chomping at the bit to get into the next generation of gaming. Best Buy and Amazon have been running a deal where you can get a free digital game with the smaller of the two Xboxes, leading us to believe something similar will come up at Walmart this year.

However, on the Xbox Series X front, despite the stock being more frequent out of the two major consoles, we don’t expect them to stick around on Black Friday. Between bundles and the very slim potential for a price drop, Christmas is just around the corner and some parents will want to earn that ‘#1 Parent’ mug.

Potential Walmart Black Friday PlayStation 5 deals

We’re not sure what’s happening with Walmart prices around the PlayStation 5 at the moment, but do not buy one for nearly $650 or $750, as is currently listed on the website right now.

Even the big bundle with Horizon: Forbidden West and an additional controller, please, we recommend that you wait and grab a deal that’s a little bit more reasonable, and closer to the console’s MSRP.

However, if Walmart is allowing people to add these to their cart now and then also buy them, stock issues must be dissipating overall. Expect no price drops, but maybe some sweet deals on controllers and game-centric bundles this holiday season.

Expected Walmart Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch is getting fairly old now, but with Splatoon 3 and a significant number of exclusives hitting the console, this is prime time to grab one.

Between the Switch OLED, Switch, and Switch Lite, not only will you be able to buy the one you want, but you’ll also be able to be the best gift giver this year. For kids, we recommend the original Switch or a Switch Lite. For the bigger children (like us), an OLED Switch will go down a treat.

While no power differences, you just won’t feel so bad if a regular Switch or Lite version gets knocked off the couch during the holiday festivities.

Possible Walmart Black Friday game deals

They’re not usually the go-to for games these days, as Amazon and Best Buy have slowly taken over that spot. However, Walmart does pull out the bag of deals each year and the gaming section is no different.

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Of course, you’ll find no real deals around Dexerto’s favorite Call of Duty, but with the way that Saints Row’s reboot has been getting slammed everywhere else, you might find that on a deep discount this Black Friday.

We don’t recommend you shop for digital games here though, as the variety is odd, to say the least. Clearly scrounging from the back of the office, codes for Mercenaries 2 and Command & Conquer 4 litter the various V-Bucks and Nintendo eShop vouchers you can get.

Expected Walmart Black Friday prebuilt PC and laptop deals


Closer to the day, we’ll be breaking down all of Walmart’s Black Friday prebuilt and laptop deals. Walmart’s prebuilt PCs might have been the butt of the joke back in 2018, with GamersNexus and LinusTechTips both publishing videos showcasing lackluster builds. But, these modern systems are certainly going to be of excellent value.

After the ribbing they took, it appears Walmart has defaulted to just selling prebuilt PCs made by other companies. However, there’s some effort to split them into categories, but our own observations have found wildly outdated pricing for aging rigs.

Keep it locked here for when we find the best and worthy deals, because a CyberPowerPC might be cheaper elsewhere, or a gaming laptop may not be the best system to purchase this late into 2022.

Potential Walmart Black Friday PC gaming deals

On the contrary, Walmart has been keeping up to date with the various PC gaming component pricing. RTX 3080s aren’t in the thousands, while CPUs and other GPUs all have respectable, if a little higher than MSRP pricing.

We’ll be sure to keep tabs on this particular section going forward, especially as 40-series and Ryzen 7000 CPUs start to hit the shelves. We might get lucky this year and find that Walmart has begun slashing prices on components, but don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Expected Walmart Black Friday gaming peripherals and accessories deals

Like a small minefield, the gaming peripherals section at Walmart clobbers together the genuinely awful $14 mice with things like high-end Razer mice. It might be a good deal on the face of things, but that $25 keyboard isn’t going to be a good deal in the long run when compared to big-name competitors.

Potential Walmart Black Friday headphone deals

Again, you’re going to find that Walmart is not exactly a specialist when it comes to headphones. The supermarket giant has bigger fish to fry than your headphone deals on Black Friday. If you’re after a gaming headset, be ready to fend off the urge to grab the $30 one with flashy lights. Keep up with our reviews of headsets – especially the recently-released Steelseries headsets.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a bit of a minefield, but we’ll summarize all the deals worth grabbing right here.

Walmart Black Friday TV deals

TVs are Walmart’s bread and butter. If you want a decent 4K TV, Walmart is your place to be. Routinely, every year, you’ll see TVs get massive discounts over at Walmart as they prep for the year ahead by clearing store and warehouse shelves. Throughout the year, we’ve seen TVs from Walmart get deep discounts already, with some 4K TVs as low as $300 right this very second.

Just be sure to keep an eye on the resolution, as going under 4K these days isn’t exactly recommended.

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