Save up to $32 on Street Fighter 6, Deluxe & Ultimate editions

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Save up to $31.50 on select Street Fighter 6 editions for Xbox and PS5 consoles now on sale at Best Buy.

Fighting game fans now is the time to continue the world warrior legacy. Best Buy currently has several editions of Street Fighter 6 on sale on various platforms, letting you save up to 31% on Capcom’s hit 2023 fighting sequel.

Released just last June, Street Fighter 6 evolved the iconic fighting game franchise with stunning visual upgrades and all-new gameplay systems. The deals below let you join the ranks of World Warriors like Ryu, Chun-Li, and fan-favorite newcomer Jamie for less.

EditionPlatformSale PriceDiscountLink
StandardPlayStation 5 (Physical)$49.99$10 offGet it from Best Buy
UltimateXbox Series X/S (Digital)$73.49$31.50 offGet it from Best Buy
StandardXbox Series X/S (Digital)$41.99$18 offGet it from Best Buy
DeluxeXbox Series X/S (Digital)$59.99$25 offGet it from Best Buy

Taking advantage of the improved RE Engine, Street Fighter 6 ups its visual flair with cinematic lighting effects and more detailed fighter models. Combat has been overhauled too, with three distinct control schemes catering to vets and newcomers alike.

The new Drive Gauge also adds resource management complexity, making matches more strategic. Real-time commentary adds a competitive edge, and amp up the hype as you trade blows.

In addition to online multiplayer bouts and local versus, Street Fighter 6 introduces the substantial World Tour single-player mode. Choose your upstart fighter and explore an open world to challenge strong opponents, train under masters, and build your fighting legacy.

Save big on Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

The various editions above add more content like extra playable fighters, costumes, and Drive Ticket resources to give your character a leg up. And these Best Buy deals cut up to 31% off the regular asking price.

Street Fighter 6 is continuing to be expanded and supported by Capcom too, with fighters and stages planned. So there’s never been a better time to step up and prove yourself on the new Fighting Ground.

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