Street Fighter 6 Character Tier List

Rishov Mukherjee
An image from Chun Li from Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Welcome to our Street Fighter 6 Character Tier List, for those who eat, sleep, and breathe this elite fighting game. Get ready for a ranked list of the game’s fighters and who we think you should be concentrating on, and who’s not worth your time.

We’re about to unleash an assessment of the greatest warriors in Street Fighter 6. From the undeniably lethal assassins to the scrappy underdogs, we’ve ranked them all in the game.

In this thrilling lineup, the absolute champions and fierce underdogs battle it out for superiority. From the iconic Ryu to the electrifying Blanka, we’re leaving no stone unturned to dish out the most comprehensive breakdown of your favorite brawlers. So whether you’re a veteran looking for a fresh perspective or a newbie trying to find your footing, this list is your one-stop guide to ruling the Street Fighter 6 arena.

A screenshot of Guile from Street Fighter 6
Guile is one of the best characters in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 characters ranked from best to worst

Our tier list for Street Fighter 6 is based on the ability of the character to perform optimally and maximize your efforts. Without further ado, check the full list below for guidance.

Tier Characters
SLuke, Ken, Dee Jay, Chun Li, Cammy, Guile, Juri
ARashid, Blanka, Ryu, Marisa, JP
BAKI, Kimberly, Jamie, Lily, Manon
CDhalsim, Zangief

In this list, tier S represents the strongest characters, while tier D highlights the weakest. The characters have been ranked not only based on how strong they are but how much they can do with a specific amount of resources.

For instance, Juri can do a lot of damage with very little effort. However, Chun-Li users need to work very hard to be on par with the work that Juri does. In fact, Jamie is probably one of the most enjoyable characters in the game, but he is very hard to play and will often feel weak in the hands of an average player.

The patch update on February 27, made a few changes where JP was nerfed extensively. Ryu received a few buffs, while both Luke and Chun Li received nerfs to their kits. Zangief also received a buff, though it’s tough to say if he is top-tier yet.

Dee Jay is still a very good character and is top tier. Rashid has also made his way to the top with players showing how terrifying he can be with his level 2 super and wall pressure. It is still early to make comments on Ed, so we have kept him out of the tier list for now.

A screenshot of Luke from Street Fighter 6
Luke for the moment is one of the top tier units in Street Fighter 6

We will continue to update our tier list in the future depending on how each character develops.

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