Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Can you get the Venom Symbiote Powers back?

Raissa Jerez
spider-man in black suit falling from Marvel's spider-man 2

As players weave through the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker gains remarkable Symbiote powers courtesy of the Black Suit. But when the Symbiote becomes a renegade, can you regain Venom’s formidable abilities? Here’s the answer.

It all starts with Harry Osborn, who is entangled with the Venom Symbiote due to an experimental treatment for a mysterious illness.

Eventually, Peter will also gain access to it in the form of the Black Suit, which will then unlock a symbiote-specific skill tree branch with 10 new upgrades.

Once the story progresses, Peter will lose access to this branch of the skill tree because of the Venom Symbiote going rogue. So if you’re wondering if you’ll be able to get the sticky powers back in Insomniac’s game, read ahead.

Can you get the Venom Symbiote Powers back in Spider-Man 2?

Yes, you will recover the Symbiote Powers near the very end of the game, when Peter gains access to the anti-Venom suit. This special suit will help our protagonist fight Venom, but it will also allow him to get back the Symbiote powers – and the skill tree branch – entirely.

Furthermore, you’ll even acquire some new optional anti-Venom powers thanks to that same suit, and they are all direct counters to the Symbiote.

Even though you won’t get the Black Suit back once the campaign is over, you’ll be able to equip the cosmetic aspect of it, as well as a more scary version of the Symbiote suit. It’s worth noting that there are a ton of suits available as a homage to previous films, comics, animations, so keep an eye out.

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