Spider-Man 2 concept turns every spidey suit into Venom symbiotes

Rishabh Sabarwal
Spider-Man 2 symbiote suit

A stunning Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 concept created by a player shows every spidey suit turned into Venom symbiotes that has stunned fans worldwide. Here’s what they had to say.

One of the best-selling PlayStation Exclusives of all time, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 continues to generate excitement all around the world. Fans are sticking with the game because it finally gives them what they wanted from the Insomniac sequel, even though it was overlooked and snubbed at The Game Awards.

Players enjoying Spider-Man 2 at experience zones
Fans are raving about the Symbiote abilities in the game.

Sony has brought fans closer to the Spider-Man experience and demonstrated the brilliance of the game at trade expos and comic conventions around the world. Fans were particularly impressed about the game’s new Venom symbiote skills and suits, which allowed players to delve into the darker side of their friendly neighborhood hero.

Thus, a fan has come up with a concept that incorporates Venom’s symbiote into every major Spider-Man outfit, even though the game only includes two symbiote suits. Along with the formal announcement of an upcoming game update, the concept has stunned fans and many are now pleading with Insomniac to include the showcased feature.

Spider-Man 2 fan concept shows off swappable symbiote tendrils to other suits

A user named Rock Rider has published a concept on X and Reddit that shows swappable tendril colors to Peter Parker’s suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The concept image shows the existing Anti-Venom and Symbiote suits at first, then the Anti-Ock and Spider-Man 2099 suits with similar abilities.

The artist has showcased the upcoming feature through his concept on other suits that several other players agree with and are now demanding Insomniac Games to implement it in the upcoming update. One such fan said, “Those Spider-Man 2099 tendrils have absolutely no reason to go that hard.”

Another chimed in, “I wonder how much variation there will be. I thought they would just let us switch between black and white, but this post made me think.” A third fan added, “I also found that Spider-Man 2099 has a Symbiote Variant. Hope Insomniac sees this list and adds more Symbiote suits from the comics.”

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