Why Smash Ultimate fans think Overwatch’s Tracer could be next DLC fighter

Published: 16/Feb/2021 22:39

by Michael Gwilliam


With a Nintendo Direct finally happening on February 17, Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans have been wondering who the next DLC fighter will be, and some believe it could be Overwatch’s Tracer.

On February 16, Nintendo announced that a Direct would be taking place and that Smash Ultimate would be just one of the games talked about, suggesting that a DLC reveal would be imminent.

While this announcement caught fans off-guard, especially considering many suspected the next DLC to be shown off in March, its proximity to BlizzCon is leading some fans to speculate that the next fighter is from Activision-Blizzard.

BlizzCon is scheduled for February 19 and is going to feature all sorts of announcements and updates on upcoming titles such as Overwatch 2. And what better way to celebrate BlizzCon and Overwatch than with a character from that game.

Tracer in Smash Bros theory
Smash fans think Tracer has a shot.

As fans pointed out on Reddit, a fighter reveal so close to BlizzCon seems very similar to what happened with Minecraft Steve and MineCon.

“Just like Steve being announced the week of MineCon, this weekend is BlizzCon,” Redditor TakenPassword wrote. “Granted, any Blizzard character could be announced but I think Tracer’s vibe fits Smash the most. She is also Overwatch’s mascot character and Overwatch is one of two Blizzard games on the Switch.”

Another user felt the same way, commenting, “When Steve was announced for SSBU he was announced a few days before MineCon just so they can feature him with his moveset at the beginning of the convention.”

Tracer looks on in shock
Blizzard Entertainment
Could Tracer really be the next DLC fighter?

One more thing that Overwatch has going for it is how the game’s director Jeff Kaplan has been vocal about wanting Tracer in Smash.

“To the Smash Brothers team, whatever character you want, we love them all. They’re all our babies, you can have any single one of them. We have 31 to choose from,” Kaplan said in a 2019 interview with IGN. At the time, the game only had 31 heroes available.

Kaplan would once again remark about Tracer in Smash during a July 30 2020 Reddit AMA. When asked if he could have any Overwatch hero in Smash, his swift, yet simple, response was “Tracer plz.”

Tracer in Toronto
Blizzard Entertainment
Jeff Kaplan has been vocal about wanting Tracer in Smash.

Of course, take all of this as just theorycrafting by fans, but it does seem like quite a coincidence. Additionally, though BlizzCon is reserved for Blizzard titles, there is always the possibility that Crash Bandicoot is revealed – a fighter many fans also believe could be next.

Crash coming to Smash with the inclusion of some Overwatch Mii Fighters could be a fun, plausible option too. We’ll just have to see what the future holds for the franchise. After this character, only two will remain in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

The Nintendo Direct airs February 17 at 2PM PST.


Resident Evil Village cosplayer captivates fans as tall vampire lady Alcina Dimitrescu

Published: 24/Feb/2021 18:50

by Brent Koepp


A Resident Evil Village cosplayer shared her mind-blowing true-to-life take on Alcina Dimitrescu. The talented artist brought the viral tall vampire lady to life with an insanely accurate costume.

Ever since her reveal in January 2021, the internet can’t get enough of the “tall vampire lady” that starred in Resident Evil Village’s trailer. Despite being the villain of the upcoming PlayStation 5 title, fans can’t get enough of the towering antagonist.

A cosplayer celebrated Alcina Dimitrescu by transforming into her with an incredibly detailed outfit. The artist’s perfect recreation is so accurate, it’s almost as if the terrifying character has walked right out of the screen and into real life.

Screenshot of Alcina Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village trailer.
YouTube: Capcom
The tall vampire has become a viral hit with fans.

Resident Evil cosplayer becomes tall vampire lady

Alcina’s explosion in popularity not only took many players by surprise, but Capcom itself was caught off guard by the internet’s obsession over the new villain. I mean, what’s not to love? The incredibly fierce antagonist has a unique design and looks badass the first time her towering height is revealed.

Prolific cosplayer Galina ‘rgtcandy‘ Zhukovskaya made waves on Instagram after sharing her faithful costume of the vampire on February 15. The artist perfectly recreated the antagonist’s iconic white silk pleated dress, as well as her signature large hat which hangs over her eyes.

Photographer Victoria ‘milliganvick‘ not only captured Galina as she posed as Dimitrescu but also helped the artist mirror Alcina’s look by meticulously applying makeup. This is easily one of the best portrayals of the tall vampire lady we have ever seen and it will be sure to capture fans’ hearts.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the talented duo also portrayed an iconic scene from the demo where Alcina emerges from a locked door and grabs Ethan. The 1:1 re-creation is chilling to say the least, as it brings the game to life like never before.

Resident Evil Village will make its debut on next-gen consoles and PC on May 7, 2021. The new entry in the popular survival-horror franchise will be the eighth in the series and will continue the design of 7 by using a first-person point of view.

While fans can’t seem to get enough of vampire Alcina Dimitrescu right now, it may be a different tune once the terrifying villain is chasing players down during the title’s epic story. One thing is for certain, though – the towering antagonist is already an icon in the genre.