Overwatch 2 community thinks “poster child” Tracer has been replaced by this hero

Rory Teale
Overwatch Tracer Kirko

The Overwatch community debated whether Tracer had been replaced as the “poster child” of one of Blizzard’s most successful franchises by Kiriko.

Blizzard released Overwatch in 2016, and since then the game has rarely faltered as it quickly became a staple at the top of the competitive FPS genre.

Tracer frontlined Overwatch’s charge to superstardom featuring as the “poster child” of nearly all of Blizzard’s marketing campaigns for the game.

This, combined with her flashy, high-paced, and unique playstyle resulted in players absolutely loving everything about Tracer’s character.

However, in Overwatch 2, players think Blizzard has a new “poster child” who is replacing the spot in many fan’s hearts where Tracer used to be.

overwatch 2 kiriko confused

Overwatch players think Kiriko replaces Tracer

One Overwatch fan sparked debates in the community as they stated they felt Tracer no longer was the face, or “Poster girl” as they described it, of the franchise. Instead, they felt Kiriko deserved that spot.

“So…Is Tracer still a community favorite? The poster girl? Or […]no longer???”

Overwatch 2 fans leaped into the discussion, keen to give their opinion. Some were glad that others had noticed Blizzard’s shift in direction, others defending their beloved hero Tracer.

“It’s Kiriko now,” one fan stated. “Tracer was the poster girl for OW1. Kiriko is the poster girl for OW2,” another agreed.

However, for some, the relationship built between them and the original face of the game couldn’t be replaced that easily.

“Tracer will always be more iconic than Kiriko,” one person claimed.

Others joked that one hammer and turret-wielding dwarf was being unfairly left out of the conversation: “Torb is the real hottie of the game.”

For some players, the new heroes will never be able to surmount the feelings built for the original Overwatch roster. For others, the older heroes have gotten old, and new characters are welcomed, as long as they are in a balanced and comp-friendly state, which many feel Mauga isn’t.

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