Overwatch 2 just confirmed a Transformers collab and players are freaking out

Michael Gwilliam
transformers overwatch 2 crossover skin

Overwatch 2’s latest collaboration will introduce the world of Transformers to the mix and players are losing their minds about what this means for Season 11.

Since its release, Overwatch 2 has had a handful of celebrated collabs so far with One Punch Man, Cowboy Bebop, Le Sserafim, and now Transformers.

The collaboration between Blizzard and Hasbro was teased at the end of the Season 11 trailer when the Overwatch 2 logo transformed into the Autobots logo.

Additionally, a road map for Season 11 showcases the logo under “new collaboration” indicating that the Transformers will be rolling out on July 9.

Although no skins were showcased for the collab, fans are already super excited about the crossover and can’t wait to see what the devs have cooking up.

“SKIP ALL THIS AND GIVE US TRANSFORMERS NOW,” wrote one fan after seeing the Transformers teaser.

“Did they actually just take two of some of my favorite series and put them together? Is this real?” another remarked.

Other players immediately began to theorize what skins could be coming for the collab with many having similar ideas of what could be in the works.

Past collabs have been successful at merging the worlds of both Overwatch and the other IP by making the heroes with skins appear to be “cosplaying” as characters instead of being an import of their design.

As such, the three most common theories so far come in the form of Optimus Prime Reinhardt, Megatron Ramattra, and Bastion Bumblebee.

However, Blizzard has yet to reveal any of the upcoming cosmetics just yet, so players will need to wait until we get closer to the collab to see how many of their ideas were spot on.

Transformers aren’t the only skins coming in Season 11. Pink Mercy is also making a long-awaited return along with new Mythic Weapon Skins and some major map reworks are on the way once Season 11 kicks off on June 20.