Overwatch 2 devs accidentally leak Season 14 hero’s role at Blizzcon

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It appears that a new Tank hero was accidentally revealed for Overwatch 2 during BlizzCon 2023, and players are already speculating on who it could be.

With BlizzCon 2023 now underway, there’s been no shortage of Overwatch 2 news. From the introduction of Mauga, a new Tank hero that’s already wiping teams, to the announcement of an entirely new game mode named Clash, there’s something for all players.

However, for those players who are simply more interested in what the hero pool will start to look like in 2024, we’ve gained more information thanks to the official reveal of two of the three heroes coming to the game next year.

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But among all of the official announcements, it seems that Blizzard devs leaked a first look at a new Tank hero that could be coming to Overwatch 2 in 2024.

Just as the team at Blizzard was sharing information about Venture, Season 10’s DPS hero, keen Overwatch 2 fans spotted an unfamiliar face on the screen.

Placed between Sigma and Winston was the artwork of a new Tank hero and it seems that most players have absolutely no idea who this could be.

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That hasn’t stopped Overwatch fans from speculating, however, with many drawing on previously shared concept artwork and even browsing through the game’s old trailers to look for clues.

One player, who noted that the hero’s name must begin with a letter between S and W is speculating that the new Tank could SoundQuake, a player who appeared in the game’s first-ever cinematic trailer.

byu/Bauernworldwide from discussion

“Calling it now, that’s 100% gonna be SoundQuake,” the player wrote. “They look like they’re a rock/punk artists which would definitely fit the design. He also looks older, possibly from the same gen as the Ana, Torb, Rein, etc.”

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The player also argues that Blizzard has expressed interest in releasing not only new characters like Venture and Space Ranger but also characters that have previously been established in the game’s lore — such as SoundQuake.

This player’s theory is just one of many that are already beginning to circulate. A group of players on Twitter are also making their case that the hero is Phreak, an unreleased character that first appeared in the game’s concept art stages.

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However, it’s likely we won’t know anything more about the leaked Tank hero for quite some time. And with the release of Mauga and a first look at Venture and Space Ranger at BlizzCon this weekend, there’s no shortage of excitement for Overwatch 2 fans in the meantime.

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