Is Crash Bandicoot coming to Smash Ultimate? Everything we know

Crash Bandicoot in Smash BrosActivision

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is already filled to the brim with iconic video game mascots such as Mario, Sonic, and Megaman. However, the beloved 90s icon of Crash Bandicoot is notably absent. Will he be joining the roster? Here’s what we know so far.

Crash Bandicoot is a fan-favorite, and one of the top choices to make the cut in Fighters Pass Volume 2. He topped a massive poll by Source Gaming as the most-requested DLC fighter, and normally ranks very high in an assortment of fan ballots.

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For instance, in the largest fan ballot ever that had over 20,000 votes cast, Crash placed twelfth overall despite some likely interference by Team Fortress fans who overwhelmingly cast votes for Heavy.

He is also still a culturally relevant character, which brings us to our first piece of evidence.

Crash Bandicoot from Crash 4Activision
Crash Bandicoot has been a rumored DLC fighter.

Crash Bandicoot is rumored to join Smash Ultimate in 2021

As Dexerto previously reported, a leaked Activision document claims that the company had a five-year plan for Crash that would cultivate in his arrival in Smash come 2021.

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The plan first came to light when Licensing Source Book, a European magazine that covers the “licensing industry” mentioned it in a passage about the future of Crash.

Insiders who have allegedly seen the document claim that it’s real, and that getting the Bandicoot in Nintendo’s flagship fighter is the final goal listed.

Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass with Min Min and SteveNintendo
There are still four fighters yet to be revealed.

Crash 4 has been leaked for Switch

While this doesn’t necessarily prove Crash is coming to Smash, having your latest game on a Nintendo console will pay dividends, especially if it will affect how the character’s model in-game.

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On August 7, a user who inspected the Crash 4 website discovered Nintendo Switch details inside the HTML code.

Since the discovery, the website was changed, but that didn’t stop SunwerPrower from screen-grabbing the evidence and sharing it with the world.

That’s not the only Crash 4 leak, either. More recently, the message “Copied from Falcon” was discovered to be hiding within the game’s code.

This is relevant because it’s believed that Falcon was the project name for Spyro Reignited Trilogy, which was a game ported to the Switch. A good sign that Crash could be coming to the Nintendo console.

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While it’s interesting that the Switch port hasn’t been announced yet, it’s likely that if it does get announced it is packaged alongside a Crash reveal. This could potentially happen at The Game Awards where Smash has a history of unveiling fighters, like they did for Joker back in 2018.

Only time will tell if Crash ends up joining the roster, but the signs are looking fairly good if the leaks end up being true.

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