Heavy tops largest Smash Ultimate fan vote as most-requested DLC fighter

Heavy gets his invite to Smash UltimateTwitter/legoformer1000

Team Fortress 2’s Heavy has topped the largest Super Smash Bros Ultimate fan vote in history to take the crown of most-requested DLC fighter.

The ballot, which consisted of a whopping 22,166 votes, is the biggest fan vote yet, by far. For comparison, earlier this year, Source Gaming conducted a poll that generated 4,327 votes, which, as impressive as it was, still pales in comparison.

Organized by Twitter user TheBallotMan, the poll’s results show a massive differential between first and second place.

Heavy emerged as the most-requested by a wide margin, having received 3,056 votes in total, while Waluigi sat in second place at 1,858.

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Heavy arrives in Smash UltimateNintendo
Smash Ultimate fans really want Heavy to be DLC.

It should be noted that the last time Dexerto reported on the poll was back when it had 13,000 votes. At that point, Waluigi had 1,143 votes while Heavy only had 611, so there was an overwhelming massive turnout of Heavy supporters since mid-July.

Additionally, Ubisoft’s Rayman dropped one place, falling to third with 1,209 votes. Minecraft’s Steve was fourth at 1,084 rounding out the characters with over 1,000 tallies each.

The ever-popular Sora from Kingdom Hearts sat at fifth with 866 while Kirby’s Bandanna Dee has 842.

Other popular favorites such as Geno, Crash Bandicoot, and Doomguy all made the Top 12. Notably, the Xbox mascot Master Chief and Capcom’s Dante placed at 17 and 18 with 270 and 256 votes, respectively.

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While the remaining characters for Fighters Pass Volume 2 have already been decided, it will be interesting to see how many of these list-toppers end up finding their way into Smash Ultimate as DLC.

It’s also possible that Nintendo decides to go ahead with a third Fighters Pass in the future, and if they do, the results of this ballot could end up factoring into who ends up being added as downloadable content.