Halo devs still want Nintendo to add Master Chief to Smash Ultimate as bonus fighter

. 9 months ago
Master Chief in front of Smash mural

With Smash Ultimate’s official DLC fighter run now complete, Halo is ruling out the possibility of Master Chief joining the roster as a secret bonus character.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts was revealed as the final DLC character in Smash Ultimate’s Fighters Pass Volume 2, much to the delight of fans across the globe. However, there has been a lot of talk about a secretive bonus fighter arriving in the future.

One of the candidates a lot of players and fans had in mind was Master Chief from Halo. Despite being the face of Xbox, the spartan’s odds seemed to increase when Microsoft let Banjo and Steve from Minecraft join Nintendo’s fighting game spectacle.

Even Xbox themselves seemed down for Chief to “finish the fight,” with official Microsoft-owned social media accounts suggesting Master Chief could be added eventually.

Master Chief in Smash Bros as DLC
Halo devs really want Master Chief in Smash Ultimate.

Halo devs rule out Master Chief as secret Smash Ultimate DLC

In the hours leading up to Sora’s reveal, Halo Community Manager John Junyszek quote-tweeted an image of a Smash invite asking players: “The last Smash Bros fighter is a character from the last game you played.”

Junyszek responded to the tweet saying: “Maybe one day” and added a prayer emoji. He went on to add, “aka not happening, but would be sick.”

While he did not outright say the last game he played was Halo, given his job, it’s safe to assume it was.

Some fans wondered if he would even be aware of Master Chief joining Smash Ultimate if it were to happen. However, according to Junyszek, he would absolutely be in the loop.

“With cool partnerships like these, both teams (us and them) work closely to ensure the crossovers fit naturally within their universe while staying true and respectful to the original designs,” he explained.

Master Chief in Halo
Master Chief could be a great addition to the next Smash game.

Master Chief in the next Smash game?

With the Switch Pro still rumored, it’s doubtful we will ever see a new Smash game until the next Nintendo console is released.

It’s unclear what’s next for Smash as a franchise, especially with series creator Masahiro Sakurai thinking about retirement.

However, Smash is such a big franchise that it’s possible Nintendo continues it without him. The problem then becomes: how do you top Smash Ultimate’s incredible roster?

One way could be to include Master Chief and with how the Xbox devs seem so keen on having him fight alongside Mario, Sonic, and other gaming greats, he would be a fantastic addition to the next installment.

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