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Sora in Smash Ultimate: Where are Disney’s Donald and Goofy?

Published: 6/Oct/2021 20:38 Updated: 6/Oct/2021 20:43

by Lawrence Scotti


On October 5, Sora from Kingdom Hearts was announced as Smash Ultimate’s final DLC character, leading to fans wonder where Disney’s Donald and Goofy were amidst all the excitement.

Sora is officially joining the Smash Ultimate roster, which will make him the 82nd fighter in the game. Although the announcement was exciting, many Smash fans were curious where his co-stars Donald Duck and Goofy were.

The pair are co-stars in each of the main story Kingdom Hearts games, leading fans to hope they would join him on his journey into Smash Bros.

donald sora goofy
Square Enix/Disney
Sora’s co-stars Donald and Goofy didn’t make the cut in Smash Ultimate.

Kingdom Hearts’ Donald and Goofy left behind in Smash Bros

Smash fans have noticed the removal of all references to Donald and Goofy during the announcement trailer. It looks like Nintendo was only able to gain access to the rights for Sora, making his friends from Disney off-limits.


They were replaced in the background of the map Hollow Bastion with a star and a raft boat in the circles they previously occupied.

Someone also noticed the removal of Mickey Mouse in Riku’s background artwork, leading to more speculation Disney didn’t sign-off on their characters appearing in Smash.

Although Donald and Goofy didn’t make the cut for Smash Ultimate, fans have begun using the Duck Hunt character as a replacement for them, as the character is also an iconic dog and bird duo.

It is disappointing for fans that Donald and Goofy couldn’t join Sora in his adventure into Smash Bros, but at least Duck Hunt will be there to comfort him.