PETA keeps asking Nintendo to add its absurd fighter to Smash & fans are fed up

Michael Gwilliam
PETA smash fighter

PETA is once again demanding Nintendo add its video game character ‘Not a Nugget’ to Super Smash Bros Ultimate and fans just want the organization to be quiet.

Earlier in September, PETA bizarrely “leaked” the final Smash Ultimate DLC fighter on Twitter by posting a photoshopped image of ‘Not a Nugget’ to its social media channels.

The “leak” was actually amusingly self-aware as it featured Ken, who has been shown in other legitimate leaks in the past and claimed the photo was sent by an uncle who works at Nintendo – a popular meme in the gaming community.

When the leak didn’t pan out, PETA instead demanded Nintendo add the character to Smash, even going as far as tagging series creator Masahiro Sakurai and create a petition.

Now, weeks later, PETA is back to tagging Nintendo, trying desperately to get a response from the Japanese gaming behemoth.

“Hey Nintendo, we’re still waiting to see ‘Not a Nugget’ in Smash Bros Ultimate,” PETA tweeted with the winking emoji.

Smash fans are tired of PETA trying to ruin last DLC fighter

This time, fans weren’t exactly down for the jokes. In a comment hidden by the organization, a user remarked, “[weren’t] you guys against Pokemon and fighting animals?”

The fan was likely referencing the fake game ‘Pokemon Black and Blue’ that PETA released with the premise being to save Pokemon stuck in Pokeballs and start a revolution.

“These people for real make a cringe tweet and then sit there for 15 minutes, waiting for replies so they can hide them lol,” another said in a quote tweet. “Funny how you guys want your character to be put in a game where it would get absolutely decimated, how hypocritical!”

So far, Nintendo has yet to respond to PETA’s request, but here’s hoping Sakurai eats some chicken nuggets in the next Smash presentation, whenever that ends up being.