Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories patch notes: March 2022 update, Scenarios, Story Progression

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EA has patched The Sims 4 with the Neighborhood Stories update, introducing all-new Scenarios and autonomous actions for your Sims’ neighbors. Here’s everything you need to know from the patch notes.

Electronic Arts and developer Maxis have brought the Neighborhood Stories system to The Sims 4 to add a more dynamic and lifelike feel to the game. The idea behind Neighborhood Stories in the Sims 4 is to bring the surrounding area to life, this way, your Sims can interact more with nearby Sims, allowing for new and varied stories to take root.

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As the name Neighborhood Stories suggests, this creates immersive and compelling stories to develop naturally as your Sims leave their homes and go explore their local area. It essentially gives the player a bigger area to play with and increases the gameplay opportunities for them and their Sims.


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Are you looking forward to doing more in the world of Sims 4?

Neighborhood Stories features

Taken from the patch notes with an explanation of what each is, the new Neighborhood Stories update will introduce the following new Scenarios:

  • Too Many toddlers – Aim to get the happy toddler reward trait.
  • Troublemaker – Choose the path of villainy or surprise them with a redemption arc.
  • Rom-Com – Create your own comedy love story.
  • Super Rich Supervillain – Become an aspiring Bond Villain style character.
  • Extraterrestrial Researcher – Get your Sim to discover the truth about aliens.
  • Unlucky Chef – Become a troubled chef.
  • No Skills, No Problem – Progress with street smarts.

Sims that aren’t part of the active household will also be able to do the following autonomously:

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  • Adopt a younger Sim to live with them.
  • Have babies with their partners.
  • Adopt a pet such as a cat or dog.
  • Start new careers (Or retire).
  • Move house.
  • Die in a variety of creative and new ways.
Sims 4 neighborhood stories gameplayEA / Maxis
Sims 4 Neighborhood Stories creates a lot more options for players to enjoy.

Tailoring the experience

You’ll also be able to adjust the experience to your liking by activating or disabling the above features as you see fit. This way, you can cherry-pick which aspects of Neighborhood Stories you like, and avoid any that you don’t.

It’s also possible to disable features for your Sims 4 household but enable them for the wider neighborhood. Each household can have its own independent configuration, letting players really go to town on the customizable options. Configurations can be adjusted in the Options Menu under the Manage Worlds tab.

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To see what has changed each day, go to your Mailbox and select ‘Check Recent Neighborhood Stories’. You’ll then receive a notification telling you to know what changes have happened in the neighborhood.

Check out the full patch notes on EA’s website.

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