How to make money fast in The Sims 4: Get rich guide, money cheats

Get money fast in The Sims 4EA

The Sims 4 has a whole host of ways to make money fast in-game, known as Simoleons. Whether you’re looking to make your sim the big bucks in an instant with a money cheat, or progress through the career ladder, there’s a different method to make money for every type of player.

Releasing back in 2014, the game now contains a whopping 43 packs, from the newly released, smaller Kits, through to the more fleshed-out expansion packs of the series such as Cottage Living.

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Different packs have introduced new ways for you to make an extra bit of cash, whether through the Odd Jobs feature of Island Living, or selling foraged items with the Copypasto spell from Realm of Magic.


Actor Career Sims 4EA / Maxis
Active careers, like the Actor career, allows you to go to work with your sims as they climb the ladder to become a celebrity.

How to make and earn money fast in The Sims 4

There are two main ways to make money fast in The Sims 4: Through climbing your Sim’s career ladder or using cheats. To get there without cheats, though, it’ll take sheer hard work as you grind through whatever chosen method of income you’ve opted to take.

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Want to make money collecting, digging, and crafting items? You can do that, too! How about dominating the world as an evil Villain? Go for it.

Money cheats for The Sims 4

However, if you’re wanting to take more of a backseat in-game and enjoy more of a sandbox experience, or give your Sim a helping hand to buy that comfier couch or bed, there are also a couple of cheats to help with this:

  • Open the cheats console by pressing Ctrl, Shift & C (PC) / Command, Shift & C (Mac) / Hold all four shoulder buttons (Console) together.
  • Type ‘kaching‘ or ‘rosebud‘ and press Enter – either will reward you with §1,000.
  • Typing ‘motherlode‘ grants your household §50,000.
  • Another method is to type ‘money‘ followed by a specific value. This will set your household’s income to whatever you input, rather than adding to it.

Mods can also help with making your experience regarding cheats much quicker if you’re on PC or Mac. Content creator weerbesu has a whole host of cheats to download, including one that enables cheats to be entered simply by clicking on UI elements. With this installed, right-click on your Sim’s household funds to add money in an instant.

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How to get a job in The Sims 4

The first thing you’ll need to do is find your Sims a job. This is really easy to do:

  1. Select the phone icon at the bottom left of your screen, next to your Sim’s portrait.
  2. Your phone menu will pop up right above it. Click the briefcase icon.
  3. From there, a window will pop open detailing all of the available careers. Click one, and select the checkmark button in the bottom right of the panel when you’re happy with your choice.

That’s it! Your Sim is on the road to making all those Simoleon dreams come true.

Full list of careers in The Sims 4

Esports Competitor Sims 4EA / Maxis
Discover University introduced the Esports Competitor after school activity, which can give graduates a boost and bonuses in the esports branch of the Tech Guru career.

We’ve put together this full list of all the currently available job types in The Sims 4. Active jobs are careers that allow you to go to work with your Sims, part-time jobs are perfect for teens and students, and any type left blank is a typical career whereby your Sim will disappear from the lot to go to work.

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Job Title Job Type Income at max level
Actor Profession (Active Career) §4,825 per gig
Astronaut  §422 an hour
Athlete  – §333 an hour
Babysitter Part Time §48 an hour
Barista Part Time §62 an hour
Business §406 an hour
Charity Organizer §482 an hour
Civic Planner §476 an hour
Conservationist §340 an hour
Criminal §445 an hour
Critic §441 an hour
Culinary §410 an hour
Detective Profession (Active Career) §265 an hour
Doctor Profession (Active Career) §280 an hour
Diver Part Time §70 an hour
Engineer §375 an hour
Entertainer §340 an hour
Fast Food Employee Part Time §20 an hour
Fisherman Part Time §48 an hour
Gardener §420 an hour
Interior Decorator Profession (Active Career) §25,000 maximum
Journalist §404 an hour
Law §425 an hour
Lifeguard Part Time §48 an hour
Management §525 an hour
Manual Laborer Part Time §70 an hour
Military §422 an hour
Painter §328 an hour
Politician §342 an hour
Social Media §540 an hour
Retail Employee Part Time §48 an hour
Salaryperson §482 an hour
Scientist Profession (Active Career) §247 an hour
Style Influencer §455 an hour
Tech Guru §516 an hour
Writer §465 an hour

How to start a retail business in The Sims 4

Get To Work Restaurants Sims 4EA / Maxis
The Sims 4’s Get to Work Expansion Pack allows players to start up their own company.

Starting a business is one of the most rewarding experiences in The Sims 4, as you take it from humble beginnings to raking in the big bucks. Whether you’re selling baked goods, potions and crystals, or running your own restaurant, there’s a few things to be aware of:

  1. Purchase an empty lot in The Sims 4, which usually sets you back around $3,000 in-game.
  2. Using the Manage Worlds, click your lot, hit ‘Change Lot Type’, and select Retail. This will register the land as a place of business.
  3. Invest money into the business. This amount will cover the cost of the day-to-day running of the store.
  4. Use the Store Window tool to manage your staff, pick price points, view finances, and make purchases. Price profits range from sale value (5%) to exorbitant (100%).
  5. Use the Retail Items tool to design your business lot.
  6. Pick a wide variety of products to sell (the more, the better), and make sure they’re set as “For Sale“.
  7. You’ll need to constantly restock products as they’re sold, so keep an eye on your store at all times.

Other ways of making money in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Paranormal StuffEA / Maxis
The Freelancer careers are also a great way to make money.

Cottage Living, the latest expansion for The Sims, introduces new ways to make money by completing Errands for Sims, or by selling products such as wool and eggs through the new livestock animals added.

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Similarly, introduced in Island Living, the Odd Jobs career option allows you to take on different jobs as and when you like from locals across your worlds and neighborhoods. These can range from simply packing boxes for other Sims, or require higher skill levels within particular areas, such as video gaming or handiness.

Freelancer careers like the Paranormal Investigator introduced in Paranormal Stuff also allow you to take other methods to make money aside from typical careers.

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Fancy flexing your Sims’ songwriting skills? Musician Sims can also write and license songs, but it can a long time to produce a successful one. On the other hand, gamers can win prizes for taking part in tournaments. It all comes down to what your Sims do or don’t like to do, especially with the new Likes and Dislikes feature.

How to plant money trees in The Sims 4

Money tree in The Sims 4EA / Maxis
Money trees can nab you a whole lot of Simoleons when at perfect quality.

Planting money trees is another sure-fire way of earning some Simoleons. To reap the rewards of these trees, simply follow these steps:

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  1. Click the Aspiration panel on the bottom-right of your screen (it’s a Hexagonal-shaped button with a gold outline).
  2. From there, select the giftbox icon.
  3. Once you’ve earned 5,000 points, select ‘Money Tree‘ and claim the reward.
  4. The item will appear in your Sim’s inventory (the little box icon on the bottom-right of your screen).
  5. Plant your tree, and wait about seven days for it to fully blossom.
  6. Once it’s bloomed, sell the tree for up to §22,225!

So, there you have it! That’s our guide and tips for making money fast in The Sims 4, with a variety of ways you can jump into the game and rack up the cash.

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