All Sea of Thieves PS5 editions, pre-order bonuses & how to preload

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Sea of Thieves is coming to PlayStation 5 soon, and here are all the editions you can choose from along with their pre-order bonuses and how to preload your copy.

After a six-year exclusive stint on Microsoft platforms (PC and Xbox consoles), Sea of Thieves will finally be released for PlayStation 5 in April 2024. This means PS5 owners won’t have to wait long before they hop onto ships as pirates and explore the unknown from a first-person perspective in this game.

Multiple editions of Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 are available to pre-order and they all come with unique bonuses.

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Sea of Thieves all editions & pre-order bonuses

There are 3 versions of Sea of Thieves available to pre-order on PS5, and you can find a breakdown of them all below:

Sea of Thieves PS5 Standard Edition – $39.99

The Standard Edition of Sea of Thieves includes:

  • Full game
  • Closed Beta access ahead of launch
  • Exclusive Pre-Order Weapons and Pet

Sea of Thieves PS5 Deluxe Edition – $49.99

The Deluxe Edition of Sea of Thieves on PS5 includes:

  • All Standard Edition features
  • Ocean Crawler cosmetics
  • Collector’s Thunderous Fury ship items
  • Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss
  • 10,000 Gold

Sea of Thieves PS5 Premium Edition – $59.99

The Premium Edition of Sea of Thieves on PS5 includes:

  • All Deluxe Edition features
  • Dark Warsmith Ship Set / Costume
  • Season 12 Plunder Pass
  • 5-Days Early Access
  • Diabolical Dog Pet

Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 will launch with the release of Season 12 on April 30, 2024, with a bunch of new content like weapons and tools.

How to preload Sea on Thieves on PS5

Anyone who’s already pre-ordered the Premium edition of Sea of Thieves so they can sail into early access can now preload the game on PS5. To make sure it’s installed when early access begins, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your library and find the Sea of Thieves premium edition pre-order.
  2. Once you select the game, you should have an option to download it.
  3. Press the download button and it will start pre-installing.
  4. Once the preload has finished, you’ll be able to jump into Sea of Thieves as soon as early access starts providing that you’ve downloaded the small update that is due to release on April 25, 2024.

For players who will be jumping in with the standard or deluxe editions of Sea of Thieves at launch, the option to preload the game will be made available on April 28, 2024, ahead of launch on April 30, 2024.

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