Sea of Thieves: All ship types

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sea of thieves two ships sailing together

Sea of Thieves allows you to choose your very own ship and sail the Caribbean with your crew but how many types of ships are there in the game? Here’s everything you need to know.

Sea of Thieves has a total of three ships to choose from which differ in shape, size and maneuverability with the Sloop being the smallest and the Galleon being the biggest. The ship also acts as a player’s respawn point.

Apart from size, the ships also differ in their weaponry and operation. While some ships are fairly easy to operate alone, some require cooperation with other players to operate efficiently.

So, here is everything you need to know about the types of ships in Sea of Thieves.



The Sloop in Sea of Thieves
The Sloop is best suited for solo or duo travels.

The Sloop is the smallest ship in Sea of Thieves and is best suited for solo pirates or two pirate crews. The Sloop is a master when it comes to maneuverability and speed. Due to its small size, it can go really fast, perfect for running away when you’re outmatched against your opponent.

The Sloop also takes fewer revolutions, allowing for sharper turns. Additionally, the Sloop is also designed to take less damage when taking a ram attack but also deal more damage with its ram attack. This makes perfect sense since the Sloop doesn’t fare well when it comes to its firepower.

Ship specsDetails
Max crew size2
Cannonballs2 Barrels (80 Stock with 40 in each)
Max Cannonball storage9600


The Brigantine in Sea of Thieves
The Brigantine is a mid-sized ship.

The Brigantine is a medium-sized ship often used by players because it’s not as big as the Galleon or as small as the Sloop, hitting the perfect stride. Despite being bigger than the Sloop, the Brigantine can go faster than the Sloop with the wind and the Galleon against the wind. While it won’t be able to make turns as sharp as the Sloop, it’s still very agile considering its size.

The Brig also has better firepower compared to the Sloop, giving it a better chance against opponents. If your crew of three is skilled, you can even take on a Galleon. That being said, this is the best ship to have, as it serves all purposes and has the best of both worlds when compared to the other two ships.

Ship specsDetails
Max crew size3
Cannonballs3 Barrels (45 stock)
Max Cannonball storage14,400


The Galleon in Sea of Thieves
The Galleon is the biggest ship in Sea of Thieves.

The Galleon is the biggest ship in Sea of Thieves with the most amount of firepower. While taking down a ship in Sea of Thieves totally depends on the crew’s skill, the Galleon is the strongest when it comes to ship-to-ship combat with the odds almost always being in favor of the Galleon.

The reason why Galleons are so good at combat is owing to their humongous size, as they’re also armed with more cannons compared to the other two ships. However, this also works against it, as maneuvering a Galleon takes immense effort and coordination among the crew.

Ship specsDetails
Max crew size4
Cannonballs3 Barrels (45 stock)
Max Cannonball storage14,400

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