Selling Sunset’s Mary Bonnet sends blunt message to feuding Nicole Young & Chrishell Staude

Areesha Khan
Chrishell and Mary from Selling SunsetNetflix

Mary Bonnet is fed up with the feud between Nicole Young and Chrishell Staude. She says Jason Oppenheim might also be at fault.

Selling Sunset‘s Nicole Young and Chrishell Staude both once dated the Oppenheim group president, Jason Oppenheim. The two met once again on the show and it seems that their being together is bringing us loads of drama.

While Chrishell has been an OG of the show, Nicole joined in as a main cast member in season 6. The two have had a tense and awkward relationship since the beginning.

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What is Nicole’s Feud With Chrishell about?


During season 7, the two gather at co-star Chelsea Lazkani‘s birthday party. Chrishell takes the party as an opportunity to confront Nicole about her behavior towards Emma Hernan. Emma and Amanza Smith join in the conversation. But Nicole later leaves the party feeling like the girls ‘ganged up’ on her.

Jason seeing the situation, puts both of them on a project together. Hoping that it would force his two exes to become closer, however, it does the opposite. Nicole and Chrishell’s relationship falls further as the season progresses. And people are complaining that all this could have been avoided if Janson hadn’t tried to force them to get along.

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Mary Bonnet expresses her opinion on Nicole and Chrishell’s feud

Mary from Selling SunsetYouTube: @AccessHollywood Instagram: @themarybonnet

Mary Bonnet (nee Fitzgerald), who has also dated Jason in her past, is another OG cast member of Selling Sunset. Bonnet showed up on an episode of Jana Kramer’s “Whine Down” podcast and gave her thoughts on the whole situation.

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Mary expressed that Nicole is stubborn in a bad way. According to her, Nicole has had a personal grudge against Chrishell as she also accused her of receiving special treatment from Jason back in season 6.

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She said, “In this situation, I’ve been very honest with her about that. I’m like, ‘I’ve tried to be a friend to you. I’ve tried to tell you, you are not doing yourself any favors. Here’s the reality, here’s what’s going on. This is an old situation’.”

Mary also asked Nicole to think about the situation from a different perspective because it is rather Jason’s fault than hers. She said, “It’s Jason’s fault for doing it. It’s not Chrishell’s fault. You need to let it go. You need to drop it. It doesn’t matter. You’re not gonna go back to it. Focus on your current clients, focus on this. Leave Chrishell alone. Just stop.”

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