Chelsea Lazkani doesn’t want Bre Tiesi to quit Selling Sunset following their feud

Stephanie Harper

Chelsea Lazkani and Bre Tiesi’s feud on Selling Sunset has been going on since Season 6. Are these women possibly going to make amends soon?

One of the most unexpected feuds to spark on Selling Sunset has been between Chelsea Lazkani and Bre Tiesi. They seemed like two real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group, who would have plenty of things in common based on their luxurious lifestyles and ritzy fashion senses.

Unfortunately, they continually clashed throughout Season 6. Chelsea has seemingly changed her perspective on Bre now that Season 7 has landed on Netflix.

Chelsea opened up about the regrets she has over the entire situation. It turns out, she doesn’t want to see Bre leave the brokerage. These are the details.

Chelsea claims she wants Bre to stay on Selling Sunset

Although from the perspective of Netflix viewers, it seems Chelsea doesn’t approve of Bre, that may not be the case. In reality, Chelsea actually hopes Bre will stick around and stay on the show.

She opened up to The Messenger about the drama saying: “If she left the brokerage as a result of me, it made me very sad. I would urge her not to because I’d never want to be the reason why someone misses out on a great opportunity.

Chelsea went on to say: “Being a part of the Oppenheim Group is a fantastic opportunity, for many reasons. So, it would make me sad if I was someone [who] pushed her out the door.”

Issues started rising between Chelsea and Bre after Chelsea vocalized her disapproval of Bre‘s romantic relationship.

As a reminder, Bre shares a son with Nick Cannon – who also shares 12 children with six other women. Chelsea cited her Christian religion as the reason she was so judgmental against Bre.

Now, she’s hopeful that her past criticisms don’t result in Bre’s permanent exit from the brokerage and show.

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