Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid battle pass: All rewards & challenges

Smoke Oni skin in Rainbow six SiegeUbisoft

Rainbow Six Operation Solar Raid is here with a new-look battle pass and a revolutionized progression system. Here’s how you can get all the rewards with the new pass, and the challenges to help you along the way.

Rainbow Six Year 7 is reaching its conclusion in Operation Solar Raid, and it’s the biggest update of 2022. Ubisoft has jammed in a ton of promises into the final update, and the battle pass hasn’t been immune to changes.

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As tactical as Siege is, the battle pass has previously been as straightforward as other games. However, the developer is changing tact, letting players grind through the battle pass their own way, working towards the rewards they care about quicker.

The principle is the same: play the game, and get rewarded for it. The progression is different though. So before you jump head-first into Operation Solar Raid, we’ve got a breakdown of how the new battle pass works, including all the rewards and challenges on offer.

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If you’re looking for a rundown of the new Operator, Solis, check out our guide.

Ghosteyes armory in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
With Operation Solar Raid focusing on the Ghosteyes group, expect plenty of themed cosmetics in the battle pass.

How much does the Solar Raid battle pass cost?

Regardless of all the changes, the Operation Solar Raid battle pass in Rainbow Six Siege will still follow the same two-tier track of Free and Premium. 

You can unlock any tier with the Free option, but you will not earn specific rewards along the way. If you want to get all of the potential rewards, as well as some boosts like bonus XP and early access to Solis, you will want to cough up for the Premium pass.

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The Operation Solar Raid premium battle pass costs 1200 R6 Credits. Not only do you get the aforementioned bonuses, but you don’t need to worry about looking at rewards fly-by ⁠— you will get access to everything along the way.

What rewards are in the Solar Raid battle pass?

The exact rewards in the Operation Solar Raid battle pass aren’t yet known. There will be the usual smattering of R6 Credits, Alpha Packs, weapon skins, operator outfits and headgear, and more to pick up. Specific operators like Aruni, Frost, Thunderbird, and Smoke were highlighted in the latest promo video. 

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However, the main focus was how you earn these rewards. Instead of earning all the battle pass rewards in a linear path, you can build your own battle pass in a sense. You unlock battle tokens by leveling up, which you can use to progress in your pass. You can change direction as you see fit, and directly gun for the rewards you want from Day 1.

If it’s on the other side of the pass, you can use “breach charges” to break through barriers and access certain areas more quickly. It’s just as strategic as the game itself but gives players more agency in picking the rewards they want to get earlier.

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Thunderbird battle pass progression in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
You can now choose your own path in the Rainbow Six battle pass system.

Solar Raid battle pass challenges

The exact Operation Solar Raid challenges haven’t been made public yet ⁠— they’ll be made available once the Rainbow Six Siege update goes live on December 6, 2022. 

However, if you want to earn more battle tokens and push through the pass at pace, you’ll want to complete both the individual and community challenges that crop up weekly.

When does the Solar Raid battle pass launch?

The Operation Solar Rain battle pass will launch with Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 4 on December 6, 2022. It will run for around three months until the launch of Year 8.

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The latest expansion doesn’t just include the revamped battle pass: there’s also new operator Solis, the Nighthaven Labs map, the ranked rework, crossplay and cross-progression, and some small balance changes.