Rainbow Six Siege cross-progression: Platforms and everything we know

Rainbow Six crossprogression ThermiteUbisoft

Rainbow Six Siege players will be able to enjoy cross-progression finally in Operation Solar Raid. PC and console players will be able to take advantage of it, but what about those playing Rainbow Six Mobile?

Cross-progression in Rainbow Six: Siege has been a major talking point since the game’s release. Although the title is currently available across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, each platform keeps its own account progress.

This means if you make the jump from Xbox to PlayStation for next-gen consoles, or switch entirely from console to PC, you’ll have to start all over again. No more Elite skins, no more full Operator rosters ⁠— you go right back to square one.

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That’s changing though, and cross-progression is finally arriving in Operation Solar Raid. Here’s what you need to know.

Operation Solar Raid keyart with Solis in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Cross-progression in Rainbow Six Siege lets you keep skins and operators across platforms.

Rainbow Six Siege cross-progression details

Cross-progression, as described by Ubisoft, “allows you to play the game on one platform and continue your progression on another, as long as your Ubisoft account is linked to the target platform.”

The initial cross-progression launched on June 30, 2021, and allows for PC and Amazon Luna owners to transfer progress. Console cross-progression, linking Xbox and PlayStation with PC for the first time, is now live as part of Operation Solar Raid in December 2022.

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All your operators, cosmetics, and currencies will now be shared across accounts and platforms when you link them together. Ranked stats will also combine somewhat but won’t be shared between platforms — you will have separate ranks across both inputs.

Players who merge their accounts will receive an Alpha Pack for their troubles too.

Crossplay will be launching at the same time as cross-progression, but that’s rolling out in stages, too.

Tomb Raider Ash portrait for Rainbow Six: SiegeUbisoft
Things like Elite skins will carry over from platform-to-platform as part of Rainbow Six Siege’s cross-progression launch.

Will Rainbow Six Mobile have cross-progression with Siege?

With Rainbow Six Mobile being announced in April 2022, there’s questions surrounding how closely tied it is to PC and console Siege.

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With no crossplay on the cards, it’s unlikely cross-progression will ever be a thing either. Given the roster of Operators is entirely different and Ubisoft are giving it a standalone release, don’t expect to transfer your cosmetics and other items from handheld devices to PC and console.