Rainbow Six Siege announce new Operation Neon Dawn: everything we know

Rainbow Six Operation Neon Dawn headerUbisoft

Rainbow Six’s next Operation, Neon Dawn, has been revealed. Ubisoft has released a short clip that offers players a glimpse of the game’s next operation, which isn’t too far away.

Rainbow Six Siege is still going strong after all these years. Ubisoft has kept it fresh by introducing new events and operations, and it’s about to get a nice population boost after going free-to-play on the Xbox Game Pass.

The next operation, Neon Dawn, is set to be another feather in the cap. It will be the 19th expansion since the game’s release, and one that will keep the flame lit for yet another season.

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Ubisoft has kept players in the dark about what to expect in Operation Neon Dawn. However, it’s been teased again today and is one step closer to its full reveal later on in the Six November 2020 Major.

Rainbow Six Siege Neon DawnUbisoft
Operation Shadow Legacy is the latest operation in Rainbow Six.

The short clip doesn’t reveal much. It features a bunch of neon lines that interlace to form a flower, floating above a title that says Operation Neon Dawn.

It also has smoky shades of pink, purple, and blue in the background, which tie into the neon theme.

The Tweet also says, “Can you handle the heat? Operation Neon Dawn, coming soon to Rainbow Six Siege.”

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Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t provide any more details on what players can expect in the next operation. However, if a previous leak is anything to go by, it could very well introduce a new operator called Aruni.

Aruni has a gadget that deploys a laser beam wall that will probably damage enemies or alert you to their presence. She also has a robotic arm that can punch through walls and barriers.

To add some substance to this claim, lasers and robotic arms tie into the Neon Dawn theme. It’s possible that the neon flower in the teaser clip could be a nod to her laser gadget.

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Unfortunately, it’s all speculation until an official reveal. Rainbow Six players will have to keep their eyes peeled until then.