MacieJay explains how to balance Rainbow Six Siege’s Deployable Shields

Rainbow Six screenshot next to Macie JayUbisoft/IG: MacieJayGaming

Popular Rainbow Six Siege YouTuber MacieJay has explained how Ubisoft could balance the controversial Deployable Shields in Operation Shadow Legacy. 

As far as Rainbow Six content creators go, few have reached the level of TSM’s streamer and YouTube star MacieJay. Many years playing Ubisoft’s tactical FPS have seen him accumulate upwards of a million YouTube subscribers who tune in regularly to see what genius tactics the 29-year-old has come up with.

On October 16, the Rainbow Six veteran turned his attention to Deployable Shields, the in-game equipment that has grown to be quite controversial of late. Recent patches added the ability to see through the shields, as well as making them far harder to destroy.

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Deployable Shield Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
The pre-rework Deployable Shields were not see through, and easier to destroy.

Get Flanked, a Rainbow Six YouTuber, shared their opinion on Deployable Shields, calling for Ubisoft to straight-up revert them, returning to their original state.

MacieJay, however, took a more conservative approach, arguing that they were “virtually useless” before their buff, but the changes have indeed made them too strong.

“I’d prefer a balance rather than a revert,” he said. “Instead maybe add a Mira like canister on the back so vertical play can counter it. Also allow Hibana to counter the shield.”

In a second tweet, Macie reiterated the need for more counters, suggesting a Mira-like canister could open them up to destruction from operators like Twitch.

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Finally, he said that there needs to be a re-assessment of which operators have access to Deployable Shields given their new-found strength. Equipment being used to balance operators is very common in Rainbow Six.

One issue some players noted is that allowing certain operators to destroy Deployable Shields more easily would constitute a buff for them, so other balancing concerns could come to the forefront.

How Ubisoft navigate this issue is still up in the air, but Macie’s opinions were echoed by many. Only time will tell.