Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 & 4 operators leaked: abilities & gadgets


A new leaked video supposedly shows the gadgets and abilities for two upcoming Rainbow Six Siege operators that will arrive in Season 3 and 4, giving us an early preview of what they’ll be capable of.

Rainbow Six’s second Year 5 season called “Operation Steel Wave” finally kicked off on June 16, but just a few days after a new video showing two, yet unannounced operators and their abilities surfaced.

The attacking operator featured first will arrive in Year 5 Season 3, and the defender that appears second will arrive in Season 4, according to the video.

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First, the male attacking operator is named “Scout” in the build featured in the video, and will be arriving in Season 3, whenever it begins. Right away it’s clear his name is a clear indication of what developers intend for his role.

Scout’s gadget is called a “Secondary Hard Breacher” and in the video it blows the surface off of the floor allowing us to look and shoot through, but doesn’t take out the crossbeams below.

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He can also shoot out cameras that stick into walls or other surfaces which seems to be able to shoot and damage other players along with giving info on their position.

For weapons, Scout can use either the SC3000K short-medium range rifle, or the MP7 submachine gun, and his secondary is the 5.7 USG semiautomatic pistol.

Next up we have the defending operator known as “Aruni” in the video, who will be arriving in Season 4 of Rainbow Six’s Year 5. She can take either the full auto P10 Roni pistol conversion or the long-range Mk 14 EBR rifle. For a sidearm, she gets the 9mm PRB92 pistol.

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This could very well be our first look at Season 4’s new defensive operator “Aruni.”

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Aruni already seems like a very unique and fun operator right off the bat. Her gadget deploys a kind of laser beam wall that will probably damage enemies or alert you to their presence (or both!).

She also comes with a robotic arm that can punch through walls and barriers, which will definitely let you get the drop on unsuspecting attackers.

As we said before, we don’t know exactly when Season 3 and 4 will begin, or who Scout and Aruni’s counterparts will be, but be sure to stick with Dexerto for all the latest Rainbow Six Siege news and info as it becomes available and as we move through Year 5.

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