Rainbow Six Siege is finally going free-to-play on Xbox Game Pass

Rainbow Six Siege Xbox Game PassUbisoft / Microsoft

Rainbow Six Siege is a little under five years old, but the tactical shooter is still one of the most popular games on the market. Its player base is about to even bigger too after it looks set to become free-to-play on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass has been making strides in recent months. It started as a decent range of in-house exclusives. Now, it’s grown into a stacked list of amazing titles including everything from Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy XV, and Forza Motorsport 7 to Nier: Automata. 

It even had Red Dead Redemption 2, although it was only available between May and September. Still, it’s a pretty good deal since you’re only paying a pocketful of money each month. 

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Now, it looks like it’s about to get a whole lot better.

The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account tweeted an interesting ‘teaser’ image, which made them seem absolutely bonkers at first.

However, if you break it down a little further, you might be able to figure out the hidden message behind it.

The rainbows stand out the most, and there are six of them in total. They’re floating above a castle, which looks to be under ‘siege’ from a small army and a trebuchet. All in all, it can only mean one thing. Rainbow Six Siege is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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Of course, there hasn’t been an official statement yet. But if that image doesn’t mean what we think it does, then we’re well and truly baffled.

Xbox Game PassMicrosoft
Some of the amazing games that have been added to Xbox Game Pass this month.

Rainbow Six Siege has been around for a while now, but it’s still one of the most popular competitive games in the world. It also had a brilliant competitive scene.

It’s unique in the sense that it’s highly tactical and all about intense close-quarter siege combat. Some might find it a little slow and realistic, but that’s exactly what makes it appealing to many. The fact its player base is still going strong says it all.

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Either way, now that Rainbow Six Siege looks set to become free-to-play on Xbox Game Pass, there’s no reason to not try it.

Rainbow Six Siege Xbox Game PassUbisoft
Rainbow Six Siege will be coming to next-gen consoles as well.

Once it’s all made official, existing players will love to have you on board. Some might show you the ropes, while others will make your life hell.

All is fair and love is war in one of the most genuine and authentic shooters to date.