Two new Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge operators revealed


Ubisoft have revealed two new operators for Rainbow Six Siege’s newest update, Operation Void Edge. 

A brand new teaser for R6 Siege has been released, showing off two new operators for Ubisoft’s popular first-person shooter.

They will be released, along with a ton of other content, with the upcoming Operation Void Edge – the first major update of the game’s ‘Year 5.’ The fifth year of the game is set to be the most exciting yet, with the developer promising regular updates and a variety of new content throughout.

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Rainbow Six Siege is about to have two new operators join the roster.

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Ubisoft shared a first look at the two new operators in a reveal trailer posted on Feb 13, and while the video doesn’t confirm specific details, we have been given some hints at their abilities and playstyles.

Previous leaks suggested that two operators will be included in Void Edge, one attacker named Yana, and one defender named Oryx. So far, this seems to be the case, and the trailer hints at abilities similar to the leak.

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The female operator, Yana, was said to make use of holograms to trick her opponents and something like this can be seen as she flickers in a yellow haze during the trailer. This seems somewhat similar to the ability of Alibi, who can place holograms around the map.

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Meanwhile, the other operator was much more direct as he simply ran through walls – exactly like the leaks for Oryx described, which earned him the nickname “Kool-Aid Man.”

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However, nothing is yet confirmed and fans will have to wait until Feb 15 when the full reveal will take place, alongside the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational.

Luckily, that isn’t too far off, and so far the leaks have proved to be fairly accurate – but R6 fans should still expect Ubisoft to have something up their sleeves for the grand reveal, especially with it being the start of the heavily anticipated Year 5.

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