Dr Disrespect unloads on YouTube stream sniper in hilarious rant: “Go get a life!”

Dr Disrespect unloads on YouTube stream sniper in hilarious rant: "Go get a life!"YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect lost his mind after a YouTube stream sniper kept following him on PUBG in a bid for attention and burst out into a hilarious rant before telling him to “get a life.”

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to roasting hackers and stream snipers. He even claimed stream snipers are the worst of the bunch. So, it’s no surprise that he won’t hesitate to berate and mock them when he encounters them on stream.

That’s exactly what happened when a stream sniper approached him on PUBG and followed him around, trying to get his attention. And Dr Disrespect roasted him into oblivion before calling him a “p*ssy” and telling him to “get a life.”

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Dr Disrespect on YouTubeYouTube/Dr Disrespect
The Doc has no patience for stream snipers.

“I finally made it on his stream. I’m actually in his game,” he said, mocking the stream sniper with a childish voice. “I’m going to go right where he lands and rotate on him and grab my truck and my car and beep my horn until he notices me.”

“Then I’m going to tell my friends I’m on Dr Disrespect’s stream, and they’re all going to laugh. I’m even going to post it on TikTok because it’s really funny. I’ll be the most popular kid in my computer science class.

Dr Disrespect joked about how it was going to make the kid’s day, week, month, and possibly his entire year before snapping out of character and saying, ‘God, man. Look at this f**king guy. Look at him. Go get a life, p*ssy!’”

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The stream sniper may have gotten some time in the spotlight, but it certainly didn’t play out the way he hoped. Instead of creating a memorable moment, he became the butt of the joke thanks to Dr Disrespect’s epic rant.

Hopefully, it deters him and other stream snipers from doing the same thing in the future. But if it doesn’t, you can count on The Doc to roast them time and time again. And if they’re as funny as this, his fans will be all for it.