Dr Disrespect reveals biggest CoD Vanguard concern after playing Alpha

Activision / YouTube, Dr Disrespect

The Call of Duty: Vanguard Champion Hill Alpha is here, and streamers are jumping right into it. Dr Disrespect gave the game a try, but is worried that Champion Hill could be left in the dust once the full game is released.

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to the Call of Duty world. The streamer previously worked on designing CoD games, but now, he is one of the community’s most vocal leaders.

CoD Vanguard is set to release on November 5, 2021 but for now, players are jumping into the Champion Hill Alpha.

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The Two-time was enjoying himself with the new content, but thinks it could become stale really fast.

Dr Disrespect worried after playing Vanguard Alpha

Doc was grinding on the first day of the alpha, teaming up with fellow streamer CouRage. After playing for a few hours, Dr Disrespect was asked about his thoughts on the game so far.

As usual, he was blunt with his viewers, and said, “I think the concept for this game mode is  cool, it’s fun.” However, he went on to add that he is worried about the “bigger agenda” that Champion Hill has.

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(check out his Vanguard reaction about 2 hours and 20 minutes in)

Doc is worried that once Vanguard is released, Multiplayer and Warzone will come out on top, and this mode could be left in the dust. It reminds him of Gunfight, a game mode that people played at the beginning but quickly stopped when Modern Warfare and Cold War were released.

He suggested that a ranking system could be put into this mode to help keep it fresh with players. He also wants to see if there will be some kind of integration from Warzone into Champion Hill.

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While this was his biggest concern, both himself and CouRage are worried about the way sound works in this mode. They both ran into issues of not being able to hear footsteps because of the gunfire from other arenas.

In this clip, you can hear just how loud the weapons are from other people’s matches, making it difficult to hear footsteps.

Although this is still the alpha and a lot is being tested, this has been a huge issue that players and streamers have brought up.

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