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Zeraora has come to Pokemon Sword and Shield – special Shiny bonus revealed

Published: 17/Jun/2020 17:12

by Paul Cot


The Isle of Armor DLC is finally playable but that wasn’t the only big news from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Zeraora has also made its way to the Galar region!

Starting right now until June 28, 16:59 PDT (to be precise), Zeraora will be appearing in Max Raid Battles. Much like Mewtwo from the 2020 Pokemon Day, you won’t be able to capture it, though.

Instead you will simply try to defeat it and if successful you won’t be given any PokeBalls to even try and capture the Gen 7 Mythical Pokemon. However, if one million or more trainers manage to defeat Zeraora, then every single one of them will be able to claim this mythical monster via Pokemon Home.

Should more than one million trainers defeat the Thunderclap Pokemon, then there will be a further bonus available. For every 100,000 trainers that defeat Zeraora after the first million, any trainer that has taken part will get a piece of Armorite Ore.

The maximum number of Armorite Ore a trainer can obtain is 10. This will be achieved when two million trainers defeat the Mythical species that was first introduced in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Pokemon Sword Shield Zeraora Bonus
Pokemon Company
Zeraora is the first Mythical Pokemon outside of Gen 8 (and Mew) to appear in the Galar region…

How to claim Shiny Zeraora and Armorite Ore

Both of these will be available to claim when the event concludes on June 28, 17:00 PDT. You’ll be able to do so until July 6, 16:59 PDT.

Providing one million trainers defeat Zeraora and you deposit a Pokemon to Pokemon Home or move a Pokemon to Sword and Shield from Home (between now and July 6, 16:59 PDT), then you can claim your rewards via the Mystery Gifts menu. Shiny Zeraora will be gifted via the mobile device version of Pokemon Home.

It seems somewhat of a random bonus given the Isle of Armor DLC also releases today. It’s even more random that you can’t catch its normal form – yet everyone could potentially have a Shiny Zeraora! Not that Pokemon Sword and Shield trainers will be complaining of course…


Pokemon card YouTuber loses it after opening luckiest pack ever

Published: 23/Nov/2020 19:11

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon YouTuber went viral after opening a Trading Card Game booster pack with two Charizards in it. The fan lost his mind after discovering the insanely rare “God” pack from the upcoming TCG Shiny Star V expansion.

Despite releasing over 21 years ago, the TCG has seen an explosion in value in 2020. Pokemon card fever has swept YouTube and Twitch as viewers flock to watch their favorite personalities try to hunt down the rarest collectibles.

One content creator went viral on November 23 after opening up what is being called the “luckiest booster pack of all time.” The fan broke down in excitement after pulling two rare Shiny Star V Charizards at the same time.

Pokemon YouTuber loses it after pulling a Charizard card.
YouTube: Collect Pokemon
The Pokemon YouTuber was stunned after pulling two Charizards in the same pack.

Pokemon YouTuber gets luckiest booster pack ever

In November, reports began to pop up online that “God” packs were coming to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. These rare boosters are said to have a one in 600 chance of being found, and are guaranteed to only contain rare collectibles inside.

On November 23, content creator ‘Collect Pokemon‘ actually found one of these mythical packs during his live broadcast, and it contained two Charizards in it.  After realizing what he had, the fan exploded with excitement and yelled, “Oh my GOD! We did it! Two Charizards! This isn’t just a God pack, it’s a God of a God’s pack!”

The moment quickly went viral online after popular British gaming YouTuber Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken posted the clip on Twitter. Many in the Pokemon card community were floored by what he had pulled, and called his item “the luckiest Pokemon pack of all time.”

At the time of writing, it is not clear whether God packs will come to the rest of the world as they are only a part of the Shiny Star V expansion released in Japan. Unfortunately, TCG sets often change drastically by the time they make their debut in other countries.

While the two Charizards are only currently worth around $800-$2,000 depending on their grading, the fan’s luck is mind-blowing to say the least. Collectors growing up in the 90s could only dream of one day opening a pack with just rares in, let alone two of the popular Fire-type starter.