Pokemon TCG fan shows off “stunning” Gyarados card sculpture

Philip Trahan
shiny gyarados card header

A Pokemon fan and artist took the time to showcase an impressive 3D sculpture they created based on their favorite card illustration.

The post came by way of the PokemonTCG subreddit from a user named Worried_Increase_542, who provided an eight-second clip of their sculpture.

The piece is a 3D representation of the Shining Gyarados card from the Neo Revelations expansion released in September 2001.

As the name would suggest, the Shining Gyarados card features a Shiny Gyarados emerging from a lake amid the storm while a nearby fisherman paddles by on an inflatable raft.

The artist recreated the card using sculptures encased in a glass cube. The Pokemon fan even placed their sculpture on a swivel to show what it looked like from different viewing angles.

To give the piece even more texture and depth, they included sequins and bits of glitter to replicate the gorgeous card art found in the original.

Plenty of TCG players in the comments praised the artist for their rendition of the card. “This is stunning,” said one fan, while another commented, “Hell yeah, this is freaking amazing! Even the holo and a swirl. Incredible.”

When asked how they recreated the holographic effect, the OP explained, “Various iridescent films that I’ve tried, some I cut myself. It’s 5 layers of resin poured ~48 hrs apart from each other. The film is added in the middle when it’s tacky but not too wet (they shift).”

pokemon tcg shining gyarados card
The original Shining Gyarados card was released in the Neo Revelation expansion.

The artist worked on the piece for about three weeks and noted that sealing the glass, pouring the resin, and developing the holographic effect took two weeks alone.

The Pokemon community has earned a reputation for being incredibly creative, with fan-made artwork and plushes constantly going viral on social media. This 3D TCG sculpture is just another example that the Pokemon community is one of the most creative fanbases around.