Will there be Pokemon Concierge Season 2?

Nathan Ellingsworth
Pokemon Concierge protagonist Haru and her Pokemon Psyduck ride a scooter

Pokemon Concierge’s cozy stop-motion take on the Nintendo classic took Netflix by storm. Fans old and new praised the few short episodes of the limited series and many are wondering if there will be any more.

Pokemon Concierge captured the imaginations of Pokemon fans everywhere with its simple premise. There’s not a person alive who wouldn’t want to live on a tropical island full of adorable little creatures. We might be projecting there.

Since Netflix and The Pokemon Company released Pokemon Concierge on the streaming platform, creative Pokemon trainers have been showing their love for the project. We’ve seen concepts for a classic Game Boy version of the show and a fan-made set of trading cards.

While the show is gorgeous and fans seem thrilled with the finished result, sadly there are only four short episodes, and many people are already begging for more episodes to return to the sunny antics of Haru, Psyduck, and the rest of the Pokemon Concierge cast.

So, find out below if or when a Pokemon Concierge Season 2 might happen.

Is Pokemon Concierge Season 2 announced yet?

More episodes for the show were recently announced although we don’t yet know if this constitutes a Pokemon Concierge Season 2. The Pokemon Company revealed via X that we could definitely expect to see more of Haru, Psyduck, and all the adorable residents of the Pokemon Resort.

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot more information than that. The Pokemon Company has promised more updates in the future but for now, the only major news is that we will be getting more of what we love.

The lack of a concrete date this soon after the launch of the first season might be due to the overwhelming work needed for stop-motion animation. The models are painstakingly moved by small increments for every frame and the process can take years to finish even for something as short as Pokemon Concierge.

A recent Making Of Pokemon Concierge video was released by Netflix, showing the diligent work needed to bring the Pokemon to life, and each of their movements. New episodes of Pokemon Concierge will undoubtedly take a significant amount of time to be released.

That’s all we have on Pokemon Concierge Season 2 for now, but while we keep our fingers crossed for more news about the gorgeous show. In the meantime, there are always games to play to get your Pokemon fix.

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