LEGO fan creates stunning MOC of Pokemon card

Marius Boonzaier
A LEGO fan's Pokemon card MOC on a black background with Poke Ball graphic

Inspired by Pokemon trading cards, a fan has created an extremely detailed, three-dimensional version from LEGO bricks, and this MOC looks brilliant.

LEGO builder Takamichi Irie has turned to LEGO to reimagine a Pokemon playing card in brick format. The three-dimensional LEGO MOC is exceptionally detailed, with both the front and rear of the brick-built card featuring an array of unique elements referencing the game. 

A LEGO fan's Pokemon card MO on a black background with Poke Ball graphic

Fixed atop a stand, which adds to the display value of this LEGO MOC, the face of the card features a Pokémon and intricately assembled vegetation. The pixelated-looking background is impressive. A neat addition to the build, the top of the card features the Pocket Monster’s name (what we know as Chikorita in the west), spelled out in Japanese. Those with a keen eye will notice the addition of a Bionicle mask. 

However, if you thought the intricate detailing of this build was exclusive to the front of the card, you’d be mistaken. The rear design is spectacular. 

A LEGO fan's Pokemon MOC card on a black background with Poke Ball graphic

Reminiscent of original Pokemon cards, the back of the build features a Poke Ball and Pokemon lettering above and below the latter, also a three-dimensional item. Just like the front, the rear side features a pixelated background. In addition, there are seven transparent balls to represent the various types of Pokémon. 

However, the impressive detailing doesn’t end there. Takamichi Irie has also included several items on the side of the card. These are reminiscent of Master Balls, Ultra Balls, Pokémon Guides, Magic Candies, Elixir, and Medicine. 

Arguably one of the most impressive MOCs in 2024, an official, LEGO-made version would be a welcome addition to LEGO’s catalog. Both LEGO builders and Pokemon fans will relish the opportunity of recreating Pokemon cards and characters in brick format. However, Pokemon LEGO remains but a dream. But here’s to hoping LEGO will produce sets like this in the future. With a Legend of Zelda set officially coming later this year, it doesn’t feel like a pipe dream any longer.