New LEGO Marvel sets for 2024 released: Spider-Man, X-Men & more

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Grab your web-shooters and Wolverine claws, the new LEGO Marvel sets are finally available. Here’s what you can expect from each kit and how much they cost.

The LEGO Marvel collection is extemely popular among LEGO builders and, of course, Marvel Universe enthusiasts. Each Marvel-inspired LEGO kit offers an immersive building experience. However, what’s more, each set is sure to provide Marvel fans with an action-packed playing experience.

LEGO has finally released its new LEGO Marvel sets. Here is what you can expect from each kit and how much they cost.

1. LEGO Marvel X-Men X-Jet – 76281

The LEGO Marvel X-Men X-Jet on display

Based on the X-Jet in X-Men ’97, the LEGO Marvel X-Men X-Jet set comprises of 359 pieces. The kit is sure to provide X-Men fans aged eight and up with a fun-filled building and playing experience.

This LEGO Marvel kit features a duo of cockpits, replete with room for the quartet of minifigures included with this set, two stud shooters, and the same number of spring shooters. So, which characters are present? Well, there are Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, and Rouge.

The LEGO replica of this iconic jet measures three inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 11 inches nose to tail. This set is priced at $84.99.

2. LEGO Marvel Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle – 76280

Designed for Marvel fans aged 10 and up, the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Vs. Sandman: Final Battle set finalizes the climatic brawl from Spider-Man No Way Home in 347 Pieces. The kit features an array of authentic elements to recreate this thrilling battle.

This set includes a buildable model of the Sandman and a trio of minifigures. There are Spider-Man, Electro, and, a first for a LEGO kit, a minifigure of The Lizard. How cool is that?

What’s more, the best part about this set is its pairing with the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Final Battle kit (pictured below). This allows you to finally add Sandman and The Lizard in the final fight of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

But back to the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Vs. Sandman: Final Battle set. This kit is priced at $37.99.

Children playing with the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Final Battle kit

3. LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Motorcycle Chase: Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock – 76275

Although this LEGO Marvel kit’s piece count may not be a lot (it comprises of 77 bricks), it is sure to provide Marvel fans aged six and up with a thrilling playing experience. The set features a host of fun-filled features for kids to create their own marvelous moments.

This set includes minifigures of Spider-Man and Doc Ock, the latter of which is slowly being overtaken by Venom. The brick-built version of Spider-Man’s motorcycle is equipped with a duo of stud shooters. The motorcycle model measures one inch tall, one-and-a-half inches wide, and three inches long. The Doc Ock minifigure features a quartet of flexible tentacles.

This set is priced at $9.99.

4. LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Race Car & Venom Green Goblin – 76279

If you favor four wheels above two, the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Race Car & Venom Green Goblin set might just be for you. Designed for kids aged seven and up (and grownups that are young at heart), this kit is sure to provide an action-packed playing experience.

Comprising of 227 pieces, the set features Spider-Man’s car and the Green Goblin’s glider, both of which are equipped with stud shooters. The latter even includes pumpkin bombs. That’s cool. Minifigures of Spider-Man and Venom Green Goblin are included.

However, there is more to this kit. It includes a Ghost-Spider, replete with a duo of web blasters. There’s also a skateboard for the latter minifigure.

This set is priced at $34.99.

5. LEGO Marvel Rocket & Baby Groot – 76282

A child playing with their new LEGO Marvel Rocket & Baby Groot

Rocket is arguably one of the coolest characters from Guardians of the Galaxy. So, why not build the lovable raccoon in brick format? This kit allows you to do just that. You would have to be aged 10 and up, though.

Comprising of 566 pieces, this LEGO Marvel set features a buildable model of Rocket and a minifigure of Baby Groot. The former can be posed, which makes it a great display piece, whether it is in your home or office. What’s more, the Rocket figure features a spring-loaded shooter and a blaster. That’s cool. It even has a spot where you can attach Baby Groot.

The brick-built Rocket measures eight-and-a-half inches tall. This set is priced at $59.99.

6. LEGO Marvel Rocket’s Warbird vs. Ronan – 76278

New LEGO Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket's Warbird vs. Ronan set on display

Staying with the Guardians of the Galaxy, this LEGO Marvel kit allows Marvel fans aged eight and up to relive the thrilling Battle of Xandar. The set features a LEGO replica of Rocket’s Warbird spaceship, replete with an opening cockpit, a duo of spring-loaded shooters, and six-stud shooters below the wings.

Comprising of 290 pieces, the LEGO-reimagined Warbird measures three inches tall, nine inches wide, and five-and-a-half inches nose to tail. Minifigures of Rocket and Ronan the Accuser are included. The former features a blaster accessory, while the latter wears a cape and carries a Cosmi-Rod hammer.

This LEGO Marvel set is priced at $37.99.

7. LEGO Marvel War Machine Mech Armor – 76277

New LEGO Marvel War Machine Mech Armor on display

The latest entry to the Marvel Mech armor LEGO sets comprises of 154 pieces. This kit is sure to provide Marvel fanatics aged six and up with a fun-filled playing experience as they create their own action-packed moments from the Marvel Universe with this set.

The LEGO Marvel War Machine Mech Armor is equipped with an opening cockpit and a trio of shooters. What’s more, it is posable. So you can display it among your other LEGO Marvel Mech sets (the recently-released Marvel Venom Mech Armor vs. Miles Morales, maybe?). The set features a minifigure of James Rhodes, aka War Machine.

This set is priced at $14.99.

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