Pokemon Lego exists but there’s a huge catch

Nathan Ellingsworth
A figure of Pikachu is visible, made out of building blocks

For a brand as famous and recognizable as Pokemon, it might be surprising to know that to this day there is no official Pokemon Lego, despite the constant demands of eager Pokemon fanatics. While some block-based figures exist thanks to Mega Construx, there’s still no actual Pokemon Lego.

While an actual collaboration might still be a way off, we might be getting our best look at Lego Pokemon yet, thanks to a custom Lego version of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Naranja Academy, and it’s already sending fans crazy.

Lego content creator @UTLC2007 has shared a look at their custom build, made in collaboration with the Japanese channel Pokemon Kids TV. It will also make up part of an exhibit at the University of Tokyo. Measuring over 2 meters wide, it’s an impressive and surprisingly detailed build.

Pictures were shared on X by PokeJungle, showcasing the huge size of the building, the courtyard in front of the academy as well as the main building itself, and much more.

Pokemon fans in the comments seem hugely impressed with the build, with one person saying, “That is completely AMAZING!!” Then, another adds, “I’m a Lego fan myself but I’m impressed by whoever made this! Wonder how long it must’ve taken!”

Meanwhile, some other comments are asking just why Lego doesn’t work with Pokemon, and it seems to be down to the fact that Mega Construx has the license instead.

One fan laments “But there’s literally Pokemon mega Blox” before another adds, “But MEGA has Pokemon license…”

Still, with Lego Super Mario and even Lego Animal Crossing sets now available, an official Pokemon Lego set might still come true in the future. For now, check out where to buy Pokemon Mega Construx sets with our full guide.

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